White Street Park Paving Project Approved By Maumee City Council

Maumee City Council has awarded a $314,858 contract to Geddis Paving & Excavating, Inc. for the construction of a paved parking lot with drainage features at White Street Park, which abuts the towpath along the Maumee River. MIRROR PHOTO BY MIKE McCARTHY

BY MIKE McCARTHY | MIRROR EDITOR —Maumee City Council has authorized a contract for the paving of the White Street Park parking lot along the Maumee River.

Council awarded the $314,858 contract to Geddis Paving & Excavating Inc. at its August 15 meeting after it was determined that they were the lowest and best bidder for the “Contract A” portion of the project. Funding for this project will come from the city’s 2022 capital funds account.

According to Maumee Capital Projects Manager Matt Miles’ departmental report, Feller Finch & Associates was retained by the city to “provide design and bidding services relative to the construction of a parking lot with drainage features at the White Street Park, along with an unpowered boat launch through the historic canal lock.”

A request for bids was published according to state guidelines for the parking and drainage portion of the design. Reponses were received from two companies. Feller Finch determined that Geddis Paving & Excavating was found to have submitted the lowest and best bid, despite an “inconsistency concerning the percentage of work completed by the prime contractor.”

The report explained that the normal criteria for awarding contracts stipulates that the work of the subcontractor should not exceed 50 percent of the total contract amount. In the Geddis Paving & Excavating winning bid, the subcontractor’s work was estimated to be 50.59 percent of the total contract work.

Miles’ report stated, “Feller Finch and this office have done much work with both the prime (Geddis Paving) and the subcontractor (Smith Paving) and believe the inconsistency should be waived.” 

In a letter sent to Maumee administrator Patrick Burtch, Feller Finch officials stated the low bid from Geddis Paving & Excavating “is $63,762.30 below the engineer’s estimate of $378,620.30 for the bid.”

The contractor also indicated that they would start the project no later than March 1, 2023. 

The second contract for the White Street Park improvements, known as Contract B, will be offered for bids at a later date, following the approval for the boat launch by the Army Corps of Engineers.

In the petition and communications portion of the meeting, council:

• Placed on file a notice from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control concerning the application of Family Dollar Stores of Ohio LLC dba Family Dollar Store, 245 Golden Gate Plaza, for a new C1 and C2 permit in order to sell beer and wine.

• Approved the Finance Committee report from August 5.

In the consent calendar portion of the meeting, council (with council member Scott Noonan absent), took the following action:

• Approved the confirmation of the appointment of Jason Mendelsohn to the Tree Commission.

• Authorized the city administrator to enter into an agreement with the Wood County Building Inspection Department for supplemental plumbing, electrical and building inspection at a rate of $75.00 per hour for actual services rendered, and plan examination services by their state-certified chief building official and master plans examiner at a rate of $125 per hour for actual services rendered, on an as-needed basis for a period of five years.

In new business, council: 

• Approved Resolution 023-2022 authorizing the city to appropriate and provide, if necessary, limited matching funds in the amount of $8,000 for the Senior Meal Nutritional Program at the Maumee Senior Center.

• Approved Resolution 024-2022 adopting public fund requirements and guidelines for the city when dealing with certain non-profit agencies.

• Approved Ordinance 037-2022 amending Sections 139.01 through 139.08 of the Maumee Codified Ordinances and Ordinance 035-2022 and 149-1987 concerning utility billing.

• Approved Ordinance 038-2022 amending Sections 921.01 and 921.09 of the Maumee Codified Ordinances and Ordinance 009-1987 and 042-1998 pertaining to water rates.

• Approved Ordinance 039-2022 amending Chapter 915 of the Maumee Codified Ordinances and Ordinance 207-1997 pertaining to public noxious weed and excessive grass height nuisances and enforcement measures.

• Approved Ordinance 040-2022 authorizing the creation of the OneOhio Opioid Settlement Fund for the purposes of allocating any penalty funds awarded to the city.

• Approved Ordinance 041-2022 levying special assessments for the property owners’ share of the cost of lighting the streets and public ways in the city.

In other council notes:

• During the Committee of the Whole meeting prior to the regular council meeting, Jaimie Deye, steering committee member of the Lucas County Active Transportation Plan, presented a 15-minute program on the benefits of human-powered travel. Her group is seeking an endorsement from Maumee City Council, which is expected to consider the matter and render a decision at its September 6 meeting.

• During the council and mayoral comments section of the meeting, Mayor Richard Carr asked council members for their input and guidance on an upcoming regional vote he will be making on behalf of the city of Maumee regarding the Lucas County 911 system. The 911 matter is expected to be listed on the agenda at council’s next meeting.

• Seven members of the public attended the August 15 meeting.

The next meeting of Maumee City Council is scheduled for 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6 in council chambers at the Maumee Municipal Building, 400 Conant St. 

As always, Maumee City Council meetings are open to the public.

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