Voters Elect New Judge, New Member To School Board

Following Tuesday’s election, Maumee City Council remains unchanged while a new judge will preside in the Maumee Municipal Court and a new face will join the Maumee School Board.

Maumee Court Judge
Incumbent Maumee Municipal Court Judge Gary Byers lost his seat to attorney and Maumee City Council member Dan Hazard. Byers garnered 5,107 votes or 46.1 percent of the vote, while Hazard secured 5,967 votes or 53.8 percent of the vote, putting him over the top.

Maumee City Council
With four open seats on council, incumbents Tim Pauken (19.8 percent), Brent Buehrer (19.7 percent) and Tom Wagener Jr. (18.2 percent) secured their seats and were re-elected to new four-year terms.
Tracey Elmore, who received 2,008 votes or 17.1 percent, will fill the fourth open seat on council after being elected to her first term. In June, Maumee Mayor Richard Carr selected Elmore to fill the seat vacated by former council member Julie Rubini, who resigned from office.
First-time challengers Scott Noonan (15.8 percent) and Lou “Bud” Thomson (9.1 percent) were unsuccessful in their bid for a seat on council.

Maumee School Board
Incumbents Stephanie Piechowiak (22.7 percent) and Janet Wolff (20.3 percent) were both re-elected to four-year terms on the board.
This is Piechowiak’s fifth term and Wolff’s ninth term on the board.
Newcomer Jennifer Campos was also elected to a seat on the board after receiving 2,108 votes or 22.7 percent, which put her slightly ahead of Wolff in garnering votes. Campos replaces school board member Jane Durham who did not seek re-election to another term.
First-time challengers David Thomas (12.7 percent) Julia Demagall (11.3 percent) and Jeremy Demagall (10.1 percent) were unsuccessful in their bid for a school board seat.

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