Todd Productions Inc. Marks 25 Years In Multi-Platform Media Production

Todd Productions Inc. staff members along with founder Todd Stanton and his family celebrate 25 years of business. PHOTO COURTESY OF TODD PRODUCTIONS INC.

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — For 25 years, Todd Stanton and the rest of the staff at Todd Productions Inc. have been producing a variety of media for clients.

Video, web, print and even newer media like 3-D printing have become a part of their offerings and they’re ready to have that reflected with their rebranding as Stanton Creative Media.

With the milestone anniversary approaching, Todd and his wife, Kim, saw how far the company and his family had grown in the digital and print media industry and were ready to reflect those advancements with Todd Productions Inc. becoming the parent company to multiple endeavors: Stanton Creative Media, Frontward Web Hosting, Project 2200 and Three Quarters Entertainment.

“It was time for a name change to mark our next phase of the company,” Todd said. “Stanton Creative Media represents our video production, web and SEO services, and emerging media. Frontward is our sister company for hosting the custom websites we develop. Project 2200 and Three Quarters Entertainment are my passion projects for all things music and film.”

What started as a way for Todd to pay his bills and create videos, while also spending more time with his children, has turned into businesses he looks forward to operating every day.

“It has been a long, fun ride,” Todd said. “We’ve never had a bad year. We’ve done nothing but grow, even through COVID. It’s just been fun for us.”

Todd got his start with videos early, having been drawn to producing from a young age.

When he graduated from college, he joined a different field – mechanical engineering – before he found his way back to producing videos.

He turned that knowledge into his first business, slowly adding to his staff and to the types of services offered.

“The big seismic change for us came about in the early 2000s, when our clients asked us to publish video to their websites,” Todd recalled. “It was an opportunity. Not only could we add the video to their site, but we could also design the website, too.”

With some help from others, the business eventually added that service to its repertoire.

Todd’s son, Andrew, then became interested in the field.

He worked with his dad while still in school at Penta Career Center, learning more about video production and website programming.

Now, Andrew and his team develop websites and web applications, offer search engine optimization strategy and maintenance, as well as knowledge in content development and online user experience.

“We typically handle everything,” Todd said of the digital media development process. “A client will come to us with an idea – whether for training, a specific corporate message or whatever it may be – and we will help them develop and execute a plan for production.”

For video production, the team will write a script, develop a plan to gather footage, including candid interviews or scripted messaging, along with B-roll or secondary images to accompany the main message.

“We put that together with music and transitions and we edit to the desired length,” Todd explained. “I think the best marketing creates questions; it doesn’t always answer every little thing.”

According to Todd, even informative messages need to be entertaining.

Many of Todd Productions’ clients have had recurring video production and web development needs, creating long-term business relationships for the company, but the business can still create one-time videos for new clients, too.

It doesn’t matter what kind of digital production a client is looking for, Todd said, because the staff at the newly named Stanton Creative Media has made nearly every type of video, from commercials to music videos to training videos, as well as websites for external and internal audiences.

“We’ve also produced more legacy videos recently,” Todd said. “We have produced Paul Schlegel, the Godfather of Motorcycle Racing, as well as our own business anniversary documentary.

Todd gathered several people from the company’s 25-year history and pieced together the story of how it all came to be.

The legacy video can be found on the Todd Productions Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“Those are always nice pieces to do. I really like projects like that,” he said.

The media-based company offers both its staff members and its clients the opportunity to undertake a variety of projects that appeal to them.

Over the years, Todd has been able to expand upon the hobby he enjoyed as a kid and advance his video production skills.

“One of my favorite projects was during COVID. I manage the entertainment stage at the Maumee Summer Fair, and during COVID, we obviously didn’t have that. I put together a four-hour live broadcast with a host right in our studio,” Todd said. “We had eight or 10 different musical artists around the Toledo area broadcasting live from their homes.”

Reminiscent of the glory days at MTV, Todd produced a show in place of the entertainment stage, complete with music videos, live performances and commercials from local businesses.

It’s one of countless projects he’s enjoyed putting together over the years.

“This whole job is fun for me, though,” Todd added.

With a wide variety of video styles alongside various media services, the staff at Stanton Creative Media is ready to add to the fun and continue offering video production, website programming and other services.

More information on the services provided can be found on the websites and

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