Taylor Automotive Group Donates $1 Million To Boost Toledo Clinic Cancer Research

The Taylor Automotive family donates $1 million to create the Taylor Cancer Research Center at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers Maumee location. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE TOLEDO CLINIC CANCER CENTERS

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — Over the course of the next year, the staff at the Taylor Cancer Research Center hopes to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients throughout the region.

The new, not-for-profit clinical research program is housed at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers Maumee location and has been made possible in part by a $1 million donation from the Taylor Automotive family.

“It was always a dream of our oncologists to bring this level of care to our patients and we were very fortunate to have the Taylor family provide the money to the get this initiative started,” said John Stout, the executive director of regional oncology services with The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers.

It can be a long process to bring experimental technology to the center, made even more difficult by waiting for proper funding.

Providing these experimental technologies to patients is vital, however, as it can make the difference in their treatment, said chief scientific officer for the program Dr. John Nemunaitis.

“I’ve focused a lot on precision therapy, which is essentially where we define a target and hit that specific target,” Dr. Nemunaitis said. “That’s what this program is all about. We’re trying to bring that program to Toledo.”

Nemunaitis’s experience in the field and his connections have been able to assist with the creation and implementation of the Taylor Cancer Research Center, which will eventually make precision therapy more readily available to cancer patients in the region.

According to Stout, the Maumee location makes it easier for patients within the region to access treatments they would otherwise have to leave the city, or even the state, to receive.

“We will be fortunate to provide these opportunities here at the Maumee center,” Stout said. “The Maumee center is kind of the hub of our activity, and it was built to accommodate this kind of activity.”

The kind of activity Nemunaitis hopes to see at the center will be a variety of experimental therapies.

First, the center must continue to build the staffing for the center and bring in a variety of equipment and various technologies.

“I am personally volunteering to do this right now because it’s important we get the next steps taken care of that are going to help us bring in the next study,” Nemunaitis pledged.

Next, the center will begin interacting with pharmaceutical companies and be audited to ensure it will have what it needs to support the incoming therapies, Nemunaitis added.

“Our intent is to be a top 10-percent program in terms of quality and therapies provided,” he said.

It will take several months, but Nemunaitis hopes the center will see its first patient within the next year.

After that, the possibilities could be endless, Stout noted.

“In a couple of years, we could be just one of five centers that offers certain trials. We have the potential to be placed in that category with that caliber of people,” Stout said.

It is because of the funding, the staff and the connections with a variety of individuals across the country that the clinic has been able to make this happen, Stout added.

Additionally, in order to allow more patients from across the region to benefit from the variety of trials that will be made available, access will be open to everybody.

“You can be referred here, enroll in the trial and then at the end still go back to your original provider,” Stout said. “We want to make this possible for everyone.”

According to Nemunaitis, it will be important to remain connected with cancer researchers and practitioners throughout the field of oncology to make sure that cancer patients continue to benefit from the research.

“We’re just trying to bring in the best treatment to the region,” he added.

With a $1 million donation, the Taylor Automotive family is helping push cancer research forward in Maumee and will make it possible to provide the best treatment, Stout added.

The therapies made possible through the Taylor Cancer Research Center will be available at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers at 1200 Medical Center Pkwy. in Maumee.

More information on TCCC can be found at toledoclinic.com. Those interested in supporting the initiative through donation can also contact the Toledo Clinic Cancer Centers at (419) 479-5605.  

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