Stay-At-Home Doesn’t Mean Stay Inside – Wardell’s Prepared For Gardening, Landscaping

Tom Wardell, owner of Wardell’s Garden Center, is ready for spring with a selection of plants for the yard, patio or garden. MIRROR PHOTOS BY KAREN GERHARDINGER

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — For those who have put off planting a garden or landscaping a yard, this summer’s slowdown is providing the time to catch up.

“Usually people are too busy with sports or other activities to work in the yard much,” said Tom Wardell, owner of Wardell’s Garden Center. “Now that people are home more, they’re gardening more – planting more tomatoes and peppers – or starting an herb garden.”

One customer told Wardell that she normally hires a landscaper, but since she’s at home, she thought she’d take care of mulching the yard herself. Natural mulches, including cedar, hardwood, pine bark and cypress are available in different colors.

With a new nursery, Wardell said he has more variety in perennials, trees and shrubs, such as the tri-colored leaf Japanese maple, peonies and new colors of hydrangeas.

A new lineup of tropical plants, including foxtail fern, croton and snake plants, look great potted and sitting around a pool, patio or porch.

“You can keep them outside in the summer for a Florida feel and then bring them in as houseplants in the winter,” Wardell said.

Snapdragons in a variety of colors await a spring planting.

The garden center has plenty of pots to fit different styles – from the square, rustic, barn-siding look to glossy containers in multiple colors. New artwork includes patriotic themes, those honoring first responders and giant eagles and owls that move with the wind.

“There are so many possibilities in here,” Wardell said. 

“Usually I’m just dealing with Mother Nature, and that’s unpredictable. Now, every day is a new day,” Wardell said. “People have been very thankful that we’re an essential business and staying open.”

For more information, visit the store at 7713 Dutch Rd. in Waterville or call (419) 878-4195.

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