Seven Commercial Properties In Uptown Maumee Have Recently Been Listed By NAI Harmon Group

Standing outside the building at 129 W. Wayne St. are three members of the NAI Harmon Group that is handling the sale of seven properties in uptown Maumee. Pictured (from left) are Becky Beck, commercial sales and leasing agent; Stephanie Kuhlman, principal partner of NAI Harmon Group and vice president of real estate and development; and Joshua Payzant, senior associate. MIRROR PHOTOS BY MIKE McCARTHY
These two buildings, located in the 200 block of Conant Street near the intersection of West Broadway Street, are being offered exclusively in a package deal. Bob Miller Interiors currently leases the building at 201 Conant St. and Small Box Music occupies the first floor of the building at 203 Conant St. Courtney Lee Photography is renting space above an adjoining garage addition at 113 W. Broadway St. and there are three apartments that are interconnected above the two buildings on West Wayne Street.
These two neighboring buildings on the east side of the 300 block of Conant Street have already been scooped up by an investor who has submitted an accepted offer with NAI Harmon Group. The building on the left (320 Conant St.) is leased by Brew House Coffee & Bake Shop and the property on the right (318 Conant St.) is leased by Embellir Salon. There are three residential rental units located above the 320 Conant St. property.
These three adjoining two-story brick buildings, located between the Maumee Elks building (far left) and the Northern Light Masonic Lodge building (right) in the 100 block of West Wayne Street, are currently available for sale by NAI Harmon Group. The center building at 127 W. Wayne St. (with the green and white awning) is currently occupied by Always Promoting Co. The two flanking buildings, located at 125 and 129 W. Wayne St., have been gutted and updated with new utilities. All three buildings offer rental space opportunities on their second floors.

BY MIKE McCARTHY | MIRROR EDITOR — With the official start of spring just a few days away, commercial property buying opportunities are suddenly popping up like tulips all over uptown Maumee.

Just this month, NAI Harmon Group announced the listings of seven commercial properties within a three-block radius of uptown Maumee, with two adjoining buildings for sale in the 200 block of Conant Street, joined by a pair of neighboring buildings in the 300 block of Conant Street and a trio of adjoining properties located in the 100 block of West Wayne Street.

All four of the Conant Street properties are owned by MS Associates Ltd., whose owner has various commercial holdings throughout the area.

The first two of those properties are located on the west side of Conant Street, near the intersection of West Broadway Street. The property at 201 Conant St. is the current home to Bob Miller Interiors and the main floor of the building located at 203 Conant St. is presently leased by Small Box Music.

There are a total of three apartment units above the two buildings as well as a commercial photography tenant operating above the adjoining garage area on West Broadway Street. Because the apartment configurations span the upper floors of both buildings, the two properties will only be sold together as part of a package deal.

The second set of commercial properties owned by MS Associates Ltd. are located on the east side of the 300 block of Conant Street. The first building is currently leased by Brew House Coffee & Bake Shop at 320 Conant St. and the second property is currently home to Embellir Salon at 318 Conant St.

There are also three residential apartments located above the property at 320 Conant St.

These latter two properties are currently under contract with an investor who took quick advantage of the rare buying opportunity in uptown Maumee.

The third group of buildings up for sale by NAI Harmon Group sit prominently in the 100 block of the north side of West Wayne Street, nestled neatly between the Maumee Elks building on the left and the Northern Light Masonic Lodge on the right.

A pair of vacant two-story brick buildings are located at 125 and 129 W. Wayne St. and have been gutted, refurbished and prepared for sale by the owner of Crystal Ridge LLC, a company that specializes in refurbishing commercial property.

A third building, located at 127 W. Wayne St., sits right in between the other two properties and is the current home of Always Promoting Co. on the first floor. The second floor of the building offers space for offices or a large apartment and is currently being utilized as a temporary office for the owner of Crystal Ridge LLC.

NAI Harmon Group was in the right spot at the right time when the two owners of these seven properties decided to place them on the market. Both property owners had enjoyed a previous business relationship with the personnel at NAI Harmon Group.

The owner of MS Associates has reached a point in his life where he wants to divest of some of his various commercial property holdings, so he enlisted the services of Stephanie Kuhlman, who serves as vice president of real estate and development and is a principal partner in NAI Harmon Group.

By coincidence, the owner of Crystal Ridge LLC, who is also a business client, contacted Kuhlman just two days later, expressing his desire to place his properties on the market. “He said, ‘I feel like they are in the condition where it’s time for somebody to take over with a really cool concept,’” Kuhlman said.

“He did the renovation work on the buildings and upgraded some of the interiors and the utilities, and pretty much opened up and exposed the interiors, and now it’s a blank slate for whoever comes in,” she said.

“This is what we are excited about, coming to market with seven different properties that are totally unique and different,” Kuhlman stated. “We can reach out to a variety of different buyers to try and find the perfect scenario for each of those various types.”

“We have a true investment product with the two buildings on the east side of Conant Street (Brew House and Embellir) and the apartments above,” Kuhlman pointed out.

“The likelihood that somebody is going to do something different with those buildings is not large. There is going to be a true investor who will come in and keep those tenants there and collect rent each month,” she added.

“On the other hand, the two properties in the 200 block of Conant Street offer the potential, years down the road when the tenants are ready to be done there, for the owner to redevelop that property, including potentially tearing those buildings down,” Kuhlman stated.

“This is a gateway corner coming into Maumee from the Perrysburg side of the bridge. It’s the first thing you see when you enter Maumee, so we are excited about that,” Kuhlman added.

“For somebody, it could just be an investment purchase, where there are long-term tenants that are already there and are paying good rents,” Kuhlman continued, “or they could wait those leases out and potentially tear the buildings down. We know that there is an adjoining vacant lot that the city has purchased, thinking long-term, making plans to do something really great with that corner.”

With the three buildings on West Wayne Street, Kuhlman said, “This gives us a third product type which are these semi-revitalized buildings that are ready for a potential restaurant or some type of entertainment venue with office space above.”

When asked if all this commercial property activity might spur more uptown building owners to consider selling their properties, Kuhlman said, “I think that is a very strong possibility.”

“I think people understand the energy around uptown Maumee and the new things that are coming there and the changes that have been made with the streetscape that has been improved and how beautiful uptown Maumee is right now,” Kuhlman stated.

“This is truly a great time to either dig in and invest in your own property, or to take this opportunity to sell; to get out of those properties and sell to somebody else who is going to continue that momentum,” she said.

When asked if there has been any interest expressed from her clients relative to the prospect of investing in uptown Maumee, Kuhlman said, “We have already had three different restaurants reach out to us that are looking to locate in uptown Maumee from either other Maumee locations, or from Perrysburg, so we are excited to get these buildings on the market and be able to show people through these buildings.”

Kuhlman added that the city’s development of the Uptown Fondue + Wine Bar property located at 422 Conant St. has proven to be “a game-changer” for commercial real estate interest in uptown Maumee.

When asked about the reservations of some of the Maumee residents who are leery of the changes in the uptown Maumee area, Kuhlman said that her team is sympathetic to those concerns.

“Many people are afraid of change,” she said. “As we market these properties, we want to be conscious of the fact that there are a lot of long-term residents in Maumee that really liked it the way it was, but what we are hoping to do is bring new, fresh ideas that continue the momentum and the positive energy that is going on right now.”

“We are not going to stop the momentum moving forward,” Kuhlman observed. “Maumee has ideas and goals, and certainly these are not going to stop. We are excited to be a part of that and hopefully we bring the type of clients and tenants in that will enhance Maumee and help dispel some of the negativity.”

Joshua Payzant, senior associate of NAI Harmon Group, was born and raised in Michigan and he stated that he has witnessed the economic success of downtown Jackson, Mich., that was engineered by Maumee city administrator Dr. Patrick Burtch, who spent several years as the city administrator there.

“I have a client who owns multiple restaurants in Jackson, and he loved what Burtch accomplished there and how he revitalized downtown Jackson, where it had never been done before,” Payzant said.

“I think Maumee has a chance to improve and get better,” Payzant stated. “I am from the Livonia and Northville (Mich.) area. Seeing the changes those communities made over the years is impressive, with communities investing in streetscapes and façade improvements.”

“It not only elevates what the town looks like, but it enhances the business and property owners that are there, too, because they are proud of what is going on,” he noted.

“I think we are seeing a lot of that in uptown Maumee,” Payzant added, “whether or not this is seen as a good thing at the moment, but as all of this subsides in time, people will know what a wonderful place this actually is.”

Kuhlman stated that she is looking forward to the upcoming streetscape project that will take place in the 100 block of West Wayne Street, especially as it pertains to the three properties located there.

“We believe that the tenants that go in there will help enhance the walkability of Maumee,” she stated. “The residents living in those homes on the near side streets will also benefit because “most likely, we are going to fill those spaces with businesses they can walk to and enjoy. It’s the right time, and hopefully the residents of Maumee will embrace this.”

When asked about the impact of inflation on the local commercial real estate market, Kuhlman said, “Maumee is really being proactive in understanding the economic climate right now and they have developed façade grants in Maumee that other communities have not.”

She added, “Maumee is acknowledging the market and saying they know their expectations are probably more stringent than others, but they are trying to find ways to help property owners bridge that and improve these buildings, so that in the long term, these structures will continue to last, because they really are beautiful historic buildings.”

“I think the idea is that the restoration expectations that Maumee has will keep these buildings looking good for another 100 years,” Kuhlman added.

Becky Beck, commercial sales and leasing agent for NAI Harmon Group, said that the influx of young people into the uptown Maumee area has also been a positive trend.

“Young people are coming in who want to settle in Maumee and raise their families there,” she noted. “It’s the families coming in that are particularly excited about these changes.”

“People who live in Maumee love Maumee,” added Payzant. “It’s an incredible community and what the city is doing in trying to improve that is nothing but good for the community itself.”

All three members of the NAI Harmon Group team praised the city and its administration for their vision of what Maumee could become.

Payzant said that there has been a lot of interest in uptown Maumee from people who live outside of the city. He noted that “Maumee has been a leader in community development. They are leading the way.”

Beck echoed that sentiment, saying “Maumee is a trailblazer in what communities want to see and what the people who are living there want to see. Maumee is doing that, so all the other jurisdictions are following suit.”

NAI Harmon is a large family-owned company that has its own general contractor and has constructed buildings in 13 different states.

The company constructed the Savage and Associates headquarters building in Maumee a few years ago and has also built several major commercial structures on the old Jeep site and in other locations in the area.

The firm has done work for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and has its own logistics company based in Columbus. NAI Harmon Group also does project work and can help clients with end-use construction services.

For further information regarding the Maumee properties listed by the NAI Harmon Group, call (419) 960-4410 or email

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