Most Metroparks Lie In The Path Of Eclipse Totality

One of the highlights of the total eclipse will be a momentary burst of sunlight said to resemble a diamond ring. This image was captured in Tennessee by Art Weber during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. PHOTO COURTESY OF ART WEBER

BY ART WEBER | METROPARKS TOLEDO — It’s simple really, yet so rare. 

The moon moves precisely over the sun and blots it out. 

And we are perfectly situated with a once in a millennium opportunity to view it literally from our own backyards.

Yep, a solar eclipse is coming to town. Monday, April 8. The show will start about 2:00 p.m. and last until about 4:30 p.m., but the real must-see part of the show will only last about 2-4 minutes, about 3:10 p.m. depending on your location. To confirm you’ll be in the path of totality and determine best times a detailed interactive map is available at You’ll also find a treasury of eclipse information there.  

It’s estimated hundreds of thousands of visitors will stream into Ohio to witness this rare event. We won’t have to travel far, maybe even simply step outside our backdoors and look up – using special solar viewing glasses, of course, to prevent serious damage to our eyes.

“Eighteen of nineteen Metroparks lie in the path of totality,” said Scott Carpenter, Metroparks Toledo’s public relations director. “Only Secor is outside the path. And it will be 99 percent.”

But 99 percent isn’t good enough when the real deal is such a short distance away. Even that short distance outside the path of totality makes a huge difference. It’s well worth the effort to find an unobscured location where you can get the full impact of totality – the corona, Baily’s Beads, and the Diamond Ring, for example.

Several Metroparks Toledo locations will be hosting special eclipse events, notably Glass City Metropark on the downtown riverfront and the Whitehouse Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Whitehouse Village Hall and neighboring Blue Creek Metropark.

Wherever you choose to go, bring your certified solar glasses, regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes. 

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