Monclova Township Family Opens Self-Storage At Fallen Timbers

The Varga family – including parents Michael and Katie and children Johnathan and Aria – stand in front of one of the 153 units in the newly opened Self-Storage at Fallen Timbers, a locally owned storage facility at 4351 N. Jerome Rd. MIRROR PHOTO BY KAREN GERHARDINGER

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — Seasonal equipment, kids’ toys, vintage vehicles, boats and RVs can take up valuable space in the driveway or garage, so it’s no surprise to Katie Varga that those are the items she sees filling up the storage units in her family’s new Jerome Road facility.

Since opening on February 1, Self-Storage at Fallen Timbers, located just north of Monclova Road and west of I-475, has been welcoming new customers who arrive with a variety of storage needs.

“We have renters who use it when they’re changing homes but can’t get into their new place right away, or those who are downsizing but don’t want to part with their valuables. Some keep their patio furniture and pool accessories in storage during the winter and their snowblowers and sleds in there during the summer, so they don’t lose valuable garage space,” Katie said. “And we have people who run their business out of units – coming in to pick up supplies or equipment.”

A 2006 Anthony Wayne High School graduate and Monclova native, Katie is the daughter of Ken and Sharon Bucher, who were both involved in the township for many years, so when she and her husband, Michael, had a chance to return to the township in 2013, it was like coming home.

“As we’ve watched the population grow, we saw the need for a locally owned self-storage facility close to home,” she said. “We did our research and saw that many other places are at capacity, and many of them are owned by chains. We’re here in the community – just five minutes away. Being so close helps with any storage issues that may arise.”

The 153 units range from 100 to 300 square feet and rent from $69.00 to $149 per month – rates that are lower than the average because the Vargas are local and do not have out-of-town managers and investors, Michael said. Self-Storage at Fallen Timbers has 12 parking spots for now but is working with the township to expand to 51 in order to accommodate more boats, campers and trailers.

“The HOAs around here do not let you put large items in your driveway or next to your house. Ours only allows three days for loading and unloading,” Katie explained.

Renting and accessing a space is simple: Just go online to and reserve and pay for a space. A secure, unique gate code will be sent within minutes, along with instructions for immediate access.

“You can do it all online or simply call me if you want to make an appointment to see the facility,” Katie said. “It’s all brand new, clean and secure. We are very proud to offer this service to our home community.”

The facility has 24-hour surveillance with cameras that are in high definition and backed up with tape so that she can access the data at any time. Once entering the facility, Katie can track when a person enters and leaves so that if there is a problem, she can look at the footage.

“I can zoom in to someone’s license plate, car and even their face,” she said. “People expect a level of security, especially if their personal belongings are being kept there, and we want to meet their expectations.”

While office hours are weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. by calling (419) 500-4448, access is available every day from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

“One of the nice things is that we have remote access, so we don’t need an office on-site, but if someone needs me, I’m just a few minutes away,” she said.

Self-Storage at Fallen Timbers is located at 4351 N. Jerome Rd.

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