Maumee City Schools Recognize Retirees For Combined 300-Plus Years Of Service

During its June 6 board of education meeting, Maumee City Schools recognized 14 2021-22 retirees, including (from left) back row, Robert Hodak, Paul Gilsdorf, Janet Yingling, Michele Davidson, Cindy Graham and Mary Bottoni; and front row, Terri Mortemore, Sabrina Hoffman and Janice Rock. Not pictured are Carol Grimm, Betty Lewis, Allison Mackin, Cindy Osgood and Patricia Schiavo. MIRROR PHOTO BY KRISTI FISH

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — The Maumee City Schools Board of Education recognized all of the 2021-22 retirees and mentioned their accomplishments with the district.

During the June 6 school board meeting, Assistant Superintendent Steve Lee recognized Mary Bottoni, the retiring director of transportation and food service, who began her tenure with Maumee City Schools in August 2001.

“Mary was with the district for over 20 years, and I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Mary,” Lee said. “It’s been truly a pleasure. As you can see, she can do it all.”

Bottoni then recognized the work of Carol Grimm, who started in 1988 as a substitute clerk librarian. Grimm became Bottoni’s “right-hand lady” in the food service department.

Robert Hodak was also recognized by Bottoni for his work as a bus driver for more than five years.

“He not only drove the kids to the games, but he actually watched and cheered for them and really was a great supporter for our teams,” Bottoni said.

Cindy Osgood, Bottoni said, started originally at Fairfield many years ago and then came back to Maumee City Schools’ food service in 2006. Bottoni said Cindy was very good with the kids and enjoyed her time in the district.

Patricia Schiavo has been with the district in food service, starting as a substitute, since 1996 and Bottoni said she has a lot of good memories with her and what they’ve done for the school.

Gateway Middle School principal Angie Wojcik recognized several Gateway staff members, including Michele Davidson (25 years), Sabrina Hoffman (22 years) and Janet Yingling (23 years).

“(Davidson) was a key player in our amazing makerspace, so many community service projects that reached all the way to Australia,” Wojcik said. “We are just blessed to have her be part of our school.”

Wojcik said she is very thankful for Hoffman and all she did at Gateway, which included coaching the volleyball team from 2001 to 2009 and instructing staff within the district on CPR/AED.

Yingling, Wojcik said, began in 1998 as a substitute before finding her place as a classroom assistant. She was great with the staff and students, having lots of fun during her work, Wojcik said.

Maumee High School principal Matt Dick recognized Paul Gilsdorf (31 years), Allison Mackin (32 years) and Terri Mortemore (33 years).

Gilsdorf was hired on as a social studies teacher in June of 1990.

“He has provided a lot of guidance to many of us,” Dick said.

Mackin, Dick said, contributed heavily to the schools, in and out of the classroom and he, along with Mortemore, received the Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment (SAVE) award for work the two did with native plantings at Kazmaier stadium.

Mortemore was recognized for her 40-year career as a science teacher, with more than three decades at MHS. 

“It’s a lot of lives you’ve influenced,” Dick said.

Fort Miami Elementary’s principal Joel Hefner recognized Cindy Graham for 26 years as a first-grade teacher at Fort Miami.

Graham said she had always wanted to be at Maumee and it was the right place for her. She also explained the importance of staggered start for the kindergartners.

Hefner later recognized Janice Rock for a 24-year career as a playground monitor. He congratulated her for her service to the schools.

Larry Burda also recognized Betty Lewis for more than 25 years as a night custodian. Between Betty, her husband Marshall, and her mother, the three had a combined 100 years of service to Maumee City Schools.

“When I had new employees, I had them train with Betty because I wanted to do it right,” Burda said. 

During the meeting, the board also:

• Approved a contract with the Spieker Company to complete renovations of Gateway’s office for $39,800 and Gateway’s STEAM lab for $31,000. The previous bids included renovations to MHS’s and Gateway’s family and consumer science classrooms and Gateway’s old shop classroom. The bids were rejected as the total exceeded the amount authorized.

• Adopted the revision to policy number 5511, regarding dress and grooming.

Lee said the school re-evaluates the dress code policy every three to five years and makes changes considering feedback from students, staff and parents.

“The changes are minor, but they are more universal,” Lee said. “Instead of having specific measurements for the lengths, we just talk about (what is) appropriate and allow the adults to be the judges.”

• Accepted a donation of $2,000 from the Maumee Eagles for the Maumee Eagles Scholarship Fund. Board president Mike Wiley said the board is appreciative of every donation the district is given.

• Approved the MHS esports team’s overnight trip to the University of Akron for the Esports State Finals on June 17-19. The board congratulated the team for advancing.

• Approved the list of MHS 2022 graduates. The board congratulated the students.

• Adopted the 2022-23 handbooks for the elementary schools, Gateway and MHS. Lee said the administrators spent a significant amount of time on the handbooks.

• Approved the resignations of several staff members.

• Granted two-year limited contracts for operational personnel effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2024.

• Approved staff nominations for the summer programs offered by the schools. Lee said the school is “very, very close” to having all of the staff it needs for the duration of the programs.

• Approved Lindsey Bartlett as MHS Spanish teacher, Reshma Patel as a kitchen helper at MHS and Susan Wise as a lunchroom monitor at Gateway.

• Approved student teachers/interns from Bowling Green State University.

• Went into executive session to discuss negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees.

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