Maumee Officials Explain How To Handle The Columbia Gas Service Change Notice

BY MIKE McCARTHY | MIRROR EDITOR — Several Maumee residents have reported confusion concerning a notice that they have received in recent days from Columbia Gas of Ohio, indicating that their current natural gas supplier will no longer be serving their accounts by as early as next week.

As an illustrative example, a Columbia Gas postcard received via U.S. Mail at The Mirror business office on Tuesday states, “Columbia Gas of Ohio has received notification from your current natural gas supplier or governmental aggregator, Constellation Newenergy Gas Div, that they will no longer be serving your account. This change will be effective on May 10, 2024.”

The Columbia Gas of Ohio notice goes on to state, “Unless you choose another supplier within the same enrollment period, you will automatically return to Columbia Gas of Ohio’s Standard Choice Offer (SCO) at the prevailing gas cost rate.”

City of Maumee public information officer Nancy Gagnet contacted The Mirror on Monday and stated that several residents have expressed confusion and uncertainty as to how they should respond to this notice, or if they should respond to it at all.

On Tuesday, city of Maumee Law Director Alan Lehenbauer responded to a request from The Mirror to explain the process for the benefit of the residents of Maumee.

“The city of Maumee is a member of the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition (NOAC), which is comprised of many of the surrounding communities,” Lehenbauer stated. “The coalition contracts with energy suppliers to achieve a lower cost for Maumee residents.”

“In the previous contract, which is expiring, Constellation Energy was chosen to provide the natural gas to NOAC communities,” Lehenbauer continued. “The agreement runs though May 2024. The natural gas costs are included in the Columbia Gas of Ohio monthly bills.”

Beginning in June of 2024, all aggregation gas customers will automatically be switched to the Columbia Gas SCO program. This temporary status will last for just a few months before the new NOAC aggregation contract automatically takes effect.

“In October 2024, all aggregation gas customers will be switched from Columbia Gas of Ohio to Archer Energy,” Lehenbauer explained. “The contract with Archer Energy will expire in June 2026.”

Gas customers who receive an “opt out” notice from either utility, and who wish to enjoy the discounted gas rates negotiated by the aggregation group, should simply “ignore the card and do nothing,” said Lehenbauer.

Gagnet emphasized that residents are not required to take any action for this switch in providers to be implemented under the terms of the NOAC agreement. It will happen automatically.

“Residents who get a notice to opt out of their plan do not have to do anything if they want to remain in the NOAC agreement,” Gagnet reaffirmed.

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