Maumee Branch Library Prepares For A New Season

The Maumee Branch Library is preparing to help patrons this fall with new technology, supportive programs and more. With a new school year underway, the library will be expanding tutoring programs and study sessions. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MAUMEE BRANCH LIBRARY

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — The Maumee Branch Library is ready for fall and keeping up with the demands of its customers for new technology.

Library staff had noticed patrons wanted simple ways to get the information they needed, including regarding upcoming events, so QR codes have been created for each branch that will take patrons directly to the website, showing events at that location.

“The library is always looking for ways to be efficient and be helpful to our customers and help them get what they want. This is just one more tool,” said regional manager Susan Skitowski.

Listening to the needs of the patrons, the library system has now made mobile WiFi hotspots available to borrow. Patrons can borrow them for 21 days and can put them on hold to pick up at one of the remote lockers or with Grab and Go.

“The idea is that there are people who, for whatever sets of reasons, are unable to acquire WiFi on a regular basis in their home. This gives them the ability to use that technology in an affordable way by borrowing those units from us,” Skitowski said.

The library staff has also noticed the need of university and high school students to find a quiet place to study. With the school year now underway, the library is prepared to offer yet another option for these students.

“We are going to be opening up the community room for twice-a-week sessions,” Skitowski said. “People can come in there, use the room, study silently. It has a kitchenette that has a microwave and refrigerator. If they want to use that, we’re going to let them.”

The room will be open to high school and higher education students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., starting on Tuesday, September 6.

The library systems have also partnered with TutorSmart to provide in-person tutoring for children in the greater Toledo area.

“The idea is that trained tutors come in and work with students who are struggling,” said Skitowski. “Parents have to sign their students up for it and they meet regularly at one of our locations. This fall, all of us are going to have that service.”

More information, in-cluding the link to sign up, can be found at www.toledo Registra-tion for the fall sessions is underway.

“One of the things we remind people is that we have lots of tools to support learning, and we really, really encourage people to call us, talk to us, explore our website,” Skitowski said. “Whatever it is they think they might need, there are ways we can help.”

There are also plenty of activities for patrons to look forward to, including the weekly storytimes on Tuesdays for babies and toddlers and on Thursdays for preschoolers. Other events can be found using the new QR codes or visiting

The Maumee Branch Library is located at 501 River Rd. Its phone number is (419) 259-5360.

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