Maumee Boys Basketball Coach Ryan Osier Resigns After Seven Seasons

Maumee boys basketball coach Ryan Osier stepped away from coaching last week, resigning his position with the Panthers after seven years. He has built up plenty of memories since taking over in 2017. MIRROR PHOTO BY JODY SMALLEY

BY JEREMY SCHNEIDER | MIRROR SPORTS — Ryan Osier vividly remembers his first game as the Maumee boys basketball coach. Taking on Clay, he was exhausted and felt like it was the longest game ever.

It was only halftime.

Osier stepped away from coaching last week, resigning his position with the Panthers after seven years. He has built up plenty of memories since taking over in 2017.

“I had been thinking about it the past few years,” Osier said of his decision to resign. “This is a full-time commitment, and as I get older and I have some ailing parents, my level to be active throughout the year was more limited.

“I loved coaching at Maumee for seven seasons, as I got to know a lot of great people, from our players, the parents, the community, opposing players, coaches, other communities, the refs and all involved.

“It is really an impressive system and to be the head varsity coach is such a great honor. I have enjoyed it.”

The Panthers went 36-114 under Osier, playing in one of two of the toughest conferences in Northwest Ohio, first the Northern Lakes League and last year in the Northern Buckeye Conference.

Aside from his first game against Clay, Osier’s memories will revolve around his players, from watching them develop from middle school through high school, and their resiliency.

He’ll also remember last year’s playoff game win and having powerful Rossford on the ropes.

“I had one of the best coaches in Northwest Ohio tell me that was the best game plan he had seen in years,” Osier said. “Hearing that after a playoff loss was heartfelt and I told it to the players. It was a touching moment.”

Maumee athletic director Cam Coutcher called Osier “a great man who has put a ton of work and effort into the Maumee basketball program.” 

According to Coutcher, the two had not discussed Osier’s future plans until they sat down for their end-of-the-season meeting.

“He has been a team player within the athletic department and works well with other coaches and administrators to push forward the culture of our school and community,” Coutcher said.  

Osier gave credit to “some of the best coaches I know” in his assistants, Brad Kuron, Jacob Engel, Tom Burzine, Jim Richardson, Ron Engel, Steven Bell and Jayvon Hutchinson.

Whoever steps into the varsity head coach role for next season will get a program loaded with experience, unlike what Osier faced this year with zero returning varsity experience.

“This group is in a great position to do something special,” Osier said. “I would have loved to have been part of that; however, it was time for me. The connection I have with them is etched in my heart. These kids mean so much to us as coaches.

“This team is special and I anticipate they will continue to grow as a group. I have full confidence in our athletic director to find the right coach to pick up and lead them, not only next year but far into the future.”

For Coutcher, the right candidate will be someone who fits the athletic culture to encourage student-athletes to be the best they can be while participating in as many sports as possible.

“When a coach sees the big picture and focuses on the athletic department as a whole and their own individual sport as a part of that, we can do what’s best for our athletes, their families and our school community,” Coutcher said.

The right candidate will also have shown the ability to move an entire program in the right direction, from the youth and middle school programs up through the varsity roster.

“Overall, we are looking for someone who thoroughly understands how to teach basketball’s team and individual fundamental skills while fitting into the overall athletic departments vision and mission,” Coutcher said.

This will be Coutcher’s second big hire of his athletic director career, after hiring Evan Karchner to lead the football program. That decision paid off immediately, with the Panthers going 5-5 and challenging for a playoff spot last season.

“While winning on the scoreboard is very important and the ultimate goal, that’s not how success is solely defined,” Coutcher said. “In order to win on the scoreboard, there are many factors, and I believe our administration will find the right fit to be able to accomplish all measures of success.

“We want our student-athletes to be great teammates, give great effort for their team, have a great attitude and make constant improvement. It’s about the journey and process. If our new coach can commit to that, they will find success.”

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