House In Maumee Filled With Decorations And Holiday Spirit

Each year, the Lecks add more decorations to their front yard, which has become a favorite stop for onlookers this holiday season. MIRROR PHOTO BY DENNY MCCARTHY
Randy and Laura Leck of Maumee have turned their front lawn into a Christmas wonderland. The couple admit that the inside of their house has just as many Christmas decorations as the outside. MIRROR PHOTO BY NANCY GAGNET

BY NANCY GAGNET | MIRROR REPORTER — Randy and Laura Leck love to decorate their house for Christmas.

In fact, the home on Scott Street in Maumee has become a regular stop for Christmas decoration display devotees, who enjoy stopping to watch the lights flash to the music on the elaborate holiday display.

“It’s kind of like when we were kids and we would drive past people’s houses and look at their lights,” said Laura. “Now, with everything going on, I think it’s just what people want to do to just enjoy the season.”

The Lecks have been slowly adding to their holiday decorations since 1996, when they first began by putting Christmas “blow molds” in the front yard. The display has grown substantially from there.

“Last year, I said I wanted trees. Then, I said I wanted a forest,” said Laura, “I keep adding and adding and I don’t let it stop.”

Decorating began this year on the first warm weekend in November, where nine trees fill the lawn. With space in the front yard running out, Randy plans to add a Santa and reindeer to the roof next year.

“We do it for kids in the neighborhood and the kids at heart. We really do it for them,” Randy said.

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