Here’s An Excellent Opportunity To Get Acquainted With All 10 Maumee Candidates

BY MIKE McCARTHY | MIRROR EDITOR — In September, The Mirror invited the 10 Maumee candidates running for political office to participate in a “Meet the Maumee Candidates” special section.

Candidates for mayor, Maumee City Council and the Maumee City Schools Board of Education were all invited to submit their campaign photos, brief biographical information and personal statements outlining their platforms. The statements were to run between 200 and 350 words and the idea was for the candidate to present his or her case directly to the voter as if they were talking to them in person.

Some candidates listed their biographical information first and then followed with their personal statement. Others combined their biographical information within their personal statement.

We are pleased to announce that all 10 candidates are participating in this special section, and we hope that you will enjoy reading the various statements presented by each of the candidates.

The mayoral race is uncontested, the city council race has six candidates running for three seats, and the school board has three candidates running for two seats.

We hope that Maumee voters will take a few minutes to read each of the statements to see what the candidates have to say. Hopefully, this information will help each voter develop a more informed opinion on each candidate prior to voting.

The candidates are listed in alphabetical order for each office.

CITY COUNCIL — Six Candidates Running For Three Seats

Gabriel Barrow

I have been married to Jackie for 35 years and have lived in Maumee for 35 years. Our 3 sons have gone through Maumee schools, K-12 grades. Anthony and Gabe Jr. serve in our Military at the 180th Air National Guard and Christopher is a Maumee Policeman. All three of our sons have achieved the rank of Sergeant. Jackie and I are very proud of our 3 children’s accomplishments and duty for their country.
School: Graduated Bowsher High School. Attended Owens Community College – Marketing, University of Toledo – foreign language.
St. Elias Church: Chairman of Parish Council, Chairman of Endowment Committee/Youth Advisor.
Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking.
Established Barrow’s Jewelers 1977. Duties: Operations/real estate leases/loans/real estate tax concerns.
Gemological Institute of America.
Civic Involvement: Wounded Warrior Amputee Solders Fund Raiser: Vice Chairman for 5 events spanning 10 years. This event has been the most rewarding to me. It allows the WWAS to bring 25 children who had lost a limb to attend their camp with a parent for 1 week to teach them how to cope with their condition and achieve their goals. The children come back from camp very energized and ready to take on their new challenge.
Home Town Hero: The Tow Path is another personal favorite. We had the heart of Maumee pitching in for weeks on end to accomplish this project. It is without question a marvel to be enjoyed by thousands of people for years to come. Continuing to volunteer as time permits. 

For the past 4 years I have been performing my duties as your council member as I see my job. The undertaking of a failed 100-year-old sewer system is paramount. Uptown had become worn down from decades of heavy trucks and failing sidewalks. Blight from income properties owned by investors in and outside of our city, state and country has taken its toll. Complaints about furniture at the curbs, tall grass, rodents, all signs of an absent landlord. I have personally addressed a blight rental in Maumee with nearly no success after 2-1/2 years. Properties are placed in LLC’s to hide the owners identity which complicates the process. Going through the court is a long process, all while you have to look at the blight.

The Good News: Our Uptown is a beautiful setting for all to enjoy. The EPA is very impressed with our rapid response and success in addressing the sewer issue. The non-occupied landlord ordinance concerning income property will safeguard in keeping all properties at their highest values. We should be partners with our housing providers in achieving an A+ report card for all rentals. Our revitalization in Uptown and infrastructure has inspired an Economic Development and Growth never before seen in our city. In the past 4 years we have had more business flock to Maumee than the previous 25 years, over 90 businesses that are either new to Maumee or re-invested with major expansions. This growth didn’t happen by chance, it was a vision, which proved to be a success. These new enterprises in Maumee will insure our financial stability and has placed a great base from which to build upon.

My promise to you is that you can rely on me to protect your interest, your property values and continue to do what is best for Maumee. I may not make you happy with all decisions made, but I will make the right decision for the economic stability, safety and future of all of our citizens and business.  

I humbly ask you for your support in the November 7th election. 

Tracey Elmore

I am a lifelong resident of Maumee where my husband, Mark, and I graduated from the Maumee schools and raised our 3 children here. I attended the University of Toledo and worked as a medical secretary with expertise in financial accounting and claims management for over 40 years. I am currently employed at Lutheran Social Services in the finance department and am the finance chair at Church of St. Andrew. I have been a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish for 19 years, a Maumee landlord for 16 years and a board member of the Maumee Monclova Toledo JEDZ and Maumee Valley Historical Society for the past 5 years.

Over the past year I have spoken with several citizens and professionals and been asked to run again for public office for one reason or another. After hearing about multiple issues that businesses and homeowners are faced with as the result of some of the new ordinances and codes, I made my decision to seek a council seat to revisit and possibly reverse these issues in addition to my desire to set Maumee in a more cohesive and unified direction. 

If elected, I plan to:

• Collaborate with area business owners, developers, experts, residents and administration through open and published meetings where transparency and cooperation will result in the best workable solutions. 

• Reinstate committees that this council removed so that public input and comment are considered before a vote instead of passing them quickly and quietly. 

• Fully utilize the city webpage and other mediums to ensure the public is informed about ordinances before they are passed as well as the changes happening around them in a timely manner. I would also live stream council meetings to ensure transparency, inclusivity and accommodate those who cannot attend in person. 

• Revisit the current administrative structure and make sure that a uniform structure is in place to secure the proper checks and balances necessary to prevent an imbalance of power.

Maumee needs a voice on the council who will speak up for the people and work well on a team. I did that and more during the TARTA campaign, the need for changes in the municipal court and the rushed sale of the green space uptown, and I can start on Day 1. I have heard your grievances loud and clear and with your support we can work together to make Maumee the community we can all be proud of. For more information, visit

Aubrey Hornsby

My name is Aubrey Hornsby and I believe I can serve the community through being a voice for the citizens, bringing fresh ideas, and fostering economic growth. My family resides in Uptown Maumee. Our kids, now in 7th and 9th grade, have attended Maumee Schools since kindergarten. I love Maumee so much I even moved my Mom here last year. I have been employed by a company in Arrowhead Park doing commercial business development since 2016.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Prior to my current position, I was the manager for the Toledo City Paper and Toledo Area Parent. Upon taking that position in 2010 my wife and I began getting involved attending as many local charity events as possible and then joining boards and committees. Here are a few of those: American Advertising Federation, Jimmy V foundation, Good Grief, Prevent Blindness Ohio, Downtown Toledo Improvement District, Zoo To Do, Toledo REIA, Maumee Chamber, Toledo Rotary, Business Network International, Prevent Blindness Ohio and more.

Not only do I regularly attend and speak at Maumee’s City Council meetings I also attend ribbon cuttings and other local community’s city council and economic development meetings, including Sylvania, Oregon, Rossford, Perrysburg, Whitehouse, Waterville, Fulton County and Wood County. I have good relationships with many of the areas mayors and city administrators. Through the above experiences and a multitude of conversations, I believe that Maumee could have better relationships with its citizens, businesses, the county and surrounding cities. I think that local government should work for its citizens and businesses and that policy shouldn’t hinder growth but encourage it.

Ted Kurt

• Ted and his wife Mary have been Maumee residents since 2008; they have two children and three grandchildren.
• Education:
St. John’s High School, Toledo 1969.
University of Toledo College of Business 1976.
University of Toledo College of Law 1979.
• Legal Career:
Bar admissions:
• Ohio Supreme Court.
• United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio.
• Michigan Bar.
• United States Supreme Court.
• Magistrate, Lucas County Domestic Relations Court.
• General counsel – Mercy Hospital Toledo, St. Charles Hospital Oregon, Mercy Hospital, Tiffin, and Mercy Hospital Willard.
• Community Service:
• Mock trial coach, Perrysburg High School.
• Presently engaged in the review of oncology clinical research trials as a member of the C-1 Institutional Review Board, University of Michigan Medical School.
• Former member, Bon Secours Mercy Health Institutional Review Board.

My platform consists of five key planks:

Accountability and Transparency – Maumee residents need to be more involved in city government – I will encourage Council to livestream its biweekly meetings so residents can observe first-hand how decisions are made.

Concerning transparency, in my opinion too many (about 80 percent so far this year) ordinances are being passed as emergency measures. If elected, before I vote to approve a matter as an emergency measure, I will require the proponent of the measure to explain, with specificity, why it is necessary to declare an emergency.

Community Healthcare – When McLaren locked the doors at St. Luke’s Hospital this past May we became dependent on ProMedica and the Mercy System for emergency services and inpatient care. I intend to contact other health systems that may be interested in reopening St. Luke’s.

Conant Street – It is an undeniable fact that the traffic on Conant Street is congested. The extra lanes are gone and there is nothing that can be done to restore them. We need to make the best of a bad situation, such that we no longer hear comments like “I avoid Maumee like the plague!”

Rental Inspection Ordinance – Why? The city manager promoted this to control blight associated with rental properties. Where is the blight? Did we really need to fix something that wasn’t broken?

Term Limits – My being in favor of term limits is not unlike a job applicant telling his prospective boss, “Please hire me, but I want you to fire me after a few years.” I think Maumee City Council would benefit from bringing new members on board every 8 or 12 years.

I have attended the last several council meetings and I have been unimpressed that legislation seems to be routinely passed without any debate or even any insistence that proposed ordinances be explained before the roll is called. If I am elected, I will be the guy who will not be afraid to ask the tough questions. Start attending council meetings (or watch online) after I am seated in January and see for yourself.  

Count on it.

Scott Noonan

36, Single, BA in History from Miami University (of Ohio), and currently the Procurement Associate at Lucas Metropolitan Housing. In addition to serving on City Council, I currently serve or have served on Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Toledo-Lucas County Commission on Disabilities, Toledo Police Athletic League, TMACOG, Old Newsboys, Northwest Ohio Labor Day Parade (Chair), Maumee Little League and City of Maumee ADA Commission.

I have been truly blessed serving as a councilmember for the City of Maumee for the past five and a half years. Since being on Council, I believe that I have accomplished a variety of short-term and long-term goals. One example is my efforts towards the City of Maumee establishing an official Facebook page. (I noticed the absence of one when coordinating official recognitions for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive.) My efforts contributed to the City officially creating the process towards providing an official Facebook page to provide more information to the residents and public as a whole. In addition, I am proud of my official efforts towards establishing a master plan in which the aim is to create citizen input towards future initiatives. This initiative received bi-partisan and unanimous support from Council due to the various positive outcomes this would bring to the City and its residents.

If re-elected, there are still some short-term and long-term goals I would still like to explore. One example I would like to visit again is to provide, as an alternative to the costly unlimited bulk pickup, via a collaboration with Keep Toledo-Lucas County Beautiful, that would offer a few days (within a calendar year) of a drive-through type drop-off where residents could dispose of their yard waste, paint cans, electronics, furniture, etc. I am still developing a plan with City administration and KTLCB where the City can offer this as a truly cost-effective measure as an avenue for residents.

In addition, I would continue to explore creating an internship program for individuals with disabilities. Similar to my experience with the Lucas County Auditor’s Office (I was hired as an intern and then promoted to a full-time position), I would like to establish a pilot program that would hire individuals with disabilities as interns in which could lead to full-time employment within the City. The establishment of this program could allow the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to gain full-time employment with healthcare benefits and retirement options. If the City can make this successful, I plan on assisting other government entities in incorporating the program.

Dave Poeppelmeier

• Resident of Maumee for 10 years.
• Married to Michelle Poeppelmeier for 18 years, have three kids in Maumee Schools.
• Graduate from The University of Toledo 00’ with a B.S. in Physical Therapy, was a Physical Therapist for 20 years.
• Currently a Realtor with LaPlante Real Estate and provide housing to UT Students and Families around The University of Toledo.
• Coached kids sports with Maumee Youth Basketball, Maumee Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and Maumee Express Soccer Club.

Hello everyone, my name is Dave Poeppelmeier, and I am an Independent Candidate running for city council. My wife Michelle and I have been residents of Maumee for 10 years. We have three kids in the Maumee School system, and moving to Maumee is one of the best things we have ever done. 

I will be an asset to City Council due to my diverse experiences – as a Physical Therapist for 20 years, and 10 years in Real Estate as a Housing Provider for college students at The University of Toledo and as a Realtor. I have been a communicator my entire life, and that is one of the most significant needs I feel we have right now.

My campaign motto is “Transparency for Maumee,” which begins with being proactive with communication from the city to residents. One item that I have been pushing for this summer has already been incorporated by the city: publishing the “Packet” of information that City Council members receive including the proposed Ordinances and Resolutions for the next meeting on the city website. The city should also communicate with residents, other experts and trade organizations ahead of major issues facing the city instead of after decisions have been made. Residents and area experts can help the city mold ideas and plans that are beneficial for everyone. I also want to livestream the City Council meetings again so anyone who wishes can see and hear what is happening.

I understand the needs of business and am willing to help the City attract more businesses, both large and small, to Maumee. We should be helping small businesses revitalize existing buildings, like with the Façade grant program. However, we should not burden these businesses with excessive requests for landscaping, exterior renovations and other building improvements that will hamper small companies from getting off the ground. We all want Maumee to look beautiful, but we must find the balance between looking good and functioning well.

Please feel free to reach out at and (567) 246-2204 if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!


Jim MacDonald

My wife Lin and I have resided in Maumee for 40 years. We decided early on that Maumee was the place we wanted to live and raise our family. Our kids, Eric and Jessica, are graduates of Maumee schools. They were a by-product of a group of talented Maumee educators who prepared them for successful thriving careers. 

I am a graduate of The University of Toledo earning a master of public administration. I served as a Maumee Police Officer for 32 years. My assignment as a Community/Safety City/DARE officer for 10 years allowed me to establish trusted connections with the community, schools and businesses. I also served as Police Chief for five years. The leadership experience I received was invaluable. It taught me that good leaders should be trusted individuals that communicate, connect, have a servant attitude and are adaptable, enthusiastic and positive. I currently serve as Council President as well as a member on the Finance Committee and Parks Recreation Committee. This experience has enabled me to thoroughly learn the inner workings of city administration as well as city budgeting and future planning for our parks and open spaces. I have extensive local experience in policy implementation, contract negotiations, economic issues and community engagement. I was humbled to receive the Maumee Hometown Hero Outstanding Citizen award for 2018. 

A high priority is to assess and improve our aging infrastructure. By doing so, it has allowed the city to attract business investing and improve our neighborhoods. Most of the current road improvement projects we have experienced this past year were born (2016-17) before this current council. We have all felt the effect of road construction this past year including myself. Most of it was beyond our control. The scheduling and completion timeline was driven by grant funding requirements and contractor availability. Nevertheless, the inconvenience is temporary and the completion will be enjoyed for years to come. In addition to our roadways, we will need to continue upgrading the storm/sanitary sewer and water supply systems well into the future. 

We need to assure that our neighborhoods are safe and clean. A commitment to identifying blighted properties is a step in the right direction to position our community toward a clean and safe environment as well as maintain property values. We will also look at ways to improve our parks, riverwalk area and open spaces. 

Good city services including police and fire are essential. A well trained and community connected police division is the goal. Looking at ways to improve police presence in our neighborhoods and on the streets connecting to Toledo is important. The Fire Division volunteer model is not sustainable. In order to transition to more full-time staffing, additional funding is needed. City Council has proposed a levy to the voters for Fire/EMS in November 2023. The levy designates funds only for the purpose to improve Fire/EMS services.

Supporting the kids in our community is essential. It is important we partner with the Maumee schools and youth sports programs to invest in the future of our youth. I am committed to maintaining school resource officers in the schools, assuring our officers are connecting with Maumee students as a positive role model. 

I appreciate our council and administration who routinely engage with our community and volunteer to improve our environment. Additionally, it has been a privilege to work alongside committed residents that volunteer their time and care deeply for this community. Fostering community engagement is an important piece that needs to continue. By supporting the health of our neighborhoods, business investing and quality of life for all Maumee residents, we are creating an environment that fosters safety and prosperity. I am excited for the future of Maumee. I am equally excited about the opportunity to run for Maumee City Mayor and to continue to serve our great community in a leadership role.  

SCHOOL BOARD – Three Candidates Running For Two Seats

Andrea Ankenbrandt

Maumee High School Graduate, Class of 2003, age 38.
University of Toledo, Bachelor of Arts.
Married to Andy Ankenbrandt for 13 years. We have one daughter.
Graphic Designer, Heidelberg Distributing Co., 15 years. Freelance Designer, 10 years.
Currently a Board member on the Design Review Committee for the City of Maumee.

My name is Andrea Ankenbrandt, and I am running for Maumee School Board. My husband and I, both MHS graduates, have chosen to stay in Maumee and raise our family here. I have benefited greatly from the Maumee education I received and I am fully invested in the well-being of the children of our town.

Here is what I BELIEVE:

• A child’s parents are the most important and influential people in their life. Parents need to be included and they deserve to be heard. 

• EDUCATION FIRST! Educating the children in age-appropriate academics should be the primary focus of a school. Children should learn reading, writing, arithmetic and history without an underlying political narrative or agenda. The curriculum should be transparent and easily accessible.

• Students MUST be safe in their school, among their peers and school staff. Parents should feel confident that their children are in a safe environment with honest, respectable teachers, staff and administration.

• All students should be respectful of all persons and held accountable for their actions. Without these qualities and expectations, how will children learn to live as productive citizens in our community?

In addition to the concerns of parents, I understand the concerns of taxpayers. Nearly two-thirds of our property taxes are designated to the public schools. For all citizens, especially those with no children or grandchildren in Maumee schools, there are issues to consider:

• Is the school board making fiscally-responsible decisions with our tax dollars?

• Are students receiving an education that will help them become contributing members of our community?

As parents and residents we want to be confident that Maumee’s students are getting the best education possible.

When elected, I will uphold the quality of education that Maumee has offered for generations. I will strive for transparency and promote cooperation among parents, teachers and administrators. Moreover, I will act with integrity, honesty and common sense. 

I would appreciate your vote on November 7 for Maumee School Board. 

Allison Fiscus

Allison (38) is a librarian with 19 years of experience at Toledo Lucas County Public Library. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Toledo and a Master of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. As Adult Services Coordinator for TLCPL, Allison oversees services, initiatives, programs and partnerships for all 20 library locations. Before this, Allison managed the Maumee Branch Library and served as Maumee Uptown Business Association president. This work led to her being named the 2019 Maumee Outstanding Citizen of the Year, due in large part to partnerships formed with area schools, most prominently MCS. Allison and her husband, Jon, are proud Maumee City Schools parents to two second-graders, and next year, their youngest will enter kindergarten. A 2004 graduate of Maumee High School, Allison was inducted as an MHS Distinguished Alumnus in 2022. She also serves on the MCS Strategic Planning Core Team, City of Maumee Charter Review Advisory Commission and the Design Review Board.

As a proud Maumee Schools graduate and parent, I firmly believe in the transformative power of public education and am dedicated to ensuring that our district continues on its proven strong path of growth and excellence.

My decision to run for the School Board is rooted in my genuine passion for education and unwavering belief in the principles that underpin our public school system. I directly benefited from the high-quality education provided by MCS, and I can now witness firsthand the incredible impact our schools have on my children. My commitment is to fortify the current efforts of the teachers and administration that have been proven successful while also digging into issues as they emerge to find solutions that serve all parties.

My professional background as a public librarian and administrator has equipped me with valuable practical experience in working with and serving on boards, including effective governance, collaboration and strategic planning, all of which are vital for guiding our school district toward greater achievements. It has also provided me with the tangential knowledge of learning and educational practices that complement public schools’ work.

My role in public libraries also gives me a deep understanding of public ethics and the importance of transparent, responsible use of taxpayer dollars. I am committed to ensuring that the resources entrusted to our school district are allocated wisely and used effectively to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

I believe in open and honest communication with all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students and the community at large, to ensure every voice is heard. Strong schools build strong communities, and in recognizing the input of parents and the expertise of educators and school administrators, we can work toward shaping the future of our schools to reflect the needs and aspirations of Maumee. Together, we can ensure that Maumee City Schools remain a beacon of excellence in public education, providing our children with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate for the Maumee City Schools Board of Education. I look forward to serving our community and working toward a bright future for our children. 

Ruth Uhl

Husband Matthew Uhl.
Children Bernard and Vivian Uhl.
Associates in Veterinary Technology.
Employment: Ohio Specialties Co. Administrative Assistant.
Fairfield PTO Board member.
Maumee Little League Board member.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ruth Uhl. I am a wife and mother to two amazing children that attend Maumee city schools. My husband and I found our first home in Uptown Maumee in 2012 and immediately fell in love. It gave us schools and teachers that we love, welcoming families, Sidecut Metropark, the library, a movie theater and the little league field within walking distance. Maumee has all the comfort of a small town in a big city.

After our second child, I felt compelled to get involved in our community. I started out participating in the PTO at Elizabeth Wayne Preschool, moving onto the Fairfield PTO, and two years ago I became a member of the Maumee Little League Board. Now, I am running for a seat on the Maumee City School Board because I would love the opportunity to serve as a connection between families, staff and school executives. 

As a mother I understand the importance of a high-quality education for our children, I understand the concern for their physical safety and the state of their mental health. I believe the bond between children and their families plant the strongest roots to shape who they are today and give them a firm foundation for who they will become. It is essential to involve families in their child’s education. Teachers and mentors are among other vital roles in our children’s lives to nourish their personal growth and provide them with academic success. As a board member I would uphold my beliefs in family values, living a life of integrity and treating all with kindness and respect.

I know I will make a positive impact on the Maumee School Board. My history of working over a dozen years as the lead veterinary technician and my time serving on community boards has given me invaluable experience. I have developed skills in leadership, communication and teamwork, as well as time and resource management. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me. I appreciate your support and look forward to this endeavor.

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