Hawaiian Native Transcends Challenges To Share Natural Remedies

Lava Wellness Spa owner Heide Allan has had plenty of help from her family in making her all-natural products during the shutdown. MIRROR PHOTOS BY KAREN GERHARDINGER
Tired of the smell of bleach? Try using Heide’s disinfectant spray – it kills germs naturally and smells great.

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — Her palms blue from hand-pressing bath bombs, Heide Allan shoves aside a stray hair and smiles a welcome.

“I cannot wait to hug people again!” says the native Hawaiian and owner of Lava Wellness Spa in Maumee.

Normally, the licensed massage therapist would be working the stress out of sore muscles or watching her clients come out of the Himalayan Salt Room, flotation bath and sauna more relaxed. While the spa has been closed for two months, Heide has refocused her efforts on the all-natural products that launched her into business over five years ago.

In the window are bunches of eucalyptus, citronella and lavender, drying. Nearby are other ingredients used in the Transcend by Heide line of products, including moisturizer, face masks, antibacterial spray and Bug-B-Gone, to name a few.

Heide has always been a proponent of letting go of old ideas of health and wellness – pill popping and using chemicals for everything from a headache and stuffy nose to stress. Teaching her children and others about the natural, traditional ways has been her life’s goal.

“Nature will always provide what we need,” she said.

Lemongrass, grown from seeds in her garden, is made into a tincture with vodka, which kills the bacteria. This is used in bars of soap, facial cleanser and toner. The face mask relief, dabbed under the nose, provides open sinuses and alleviates chaffing from masks.

The bath bombs use local beeswax and Hawaiian mango butter, black salt and Himalayan salt – which diffuse in the water to provide soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.

“It’s important to take time for yourself. There’s an art to bathing. It’s calm and soothing and helps you heal,” Heide said.

She recommends using the activated charcoal mask during the bath, followed by an all-body oil to lock in moisture.

As moms are feeling the stress of schooling the kids, feeding the family, paying the bills and working at home, it’s important for moms to take care of themselves, she said.

“It brings me joy to hear from my customers that even though they’re at home, my products are lifting their spirits,” she said.

As the mom to Izabella, 5, and Kiana, 15, Heide set up a workroom at the shop for them to do homework – and learn how to make the natural products that she first learned from her grandparents in Hawaii. After moving to Ohio in 2011 with her husband and Kiana, Heide began making the products in her basement to give to family and friends. That enterprise moved first to a garage, and then to a small room behind a Maumee salon.

In 2015, she opened Transcend by Heide in Chesterfield Square to rave reviews. Not only did her massage therapy expertise keep her booked, but the products also built up a regular clientele.

In 2018, Heide pushed herself to see a lifelong dream realized, opening the Lava Wellness Spa, with each room incorporating healing elements from throughout the world.

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, Heide and Kiana answered phone calls, donned masks and delivered products to customers driving up to the door. Although Heide worries about making rent, she’s as generous as always – giving away products with each order.

“I lift it up to God. I surrender and let it be and live every day. I want to connect good energy to people,” she said.

For more information on Lava Wellness Spa and Transcend by Heide products, visit www.lavawellnessspa.com or call (419) 345-9789. The spa is located at 126 Chesterfield Lane in Maumee. 

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