Get Outdoors And Play Generals Hide & Seek Game

Anthony Wayne Local Schools’ communications specialist Rebecca Schwan, the Meanwhile in Waterville Ohio Facebook page moderator Terri Massucci and high school art teacher Bryan DeKay hold 3D-printed models of the General. These plastic Generals will be hidden around the community for the AW Generals Hide & Seek. MIRROR PHOTO BY KAREN GERHARDINGER

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — The Generals may be on a break during Anthony Wayne Schools’ Family Week, but students can still find the school’s mascot out and about in the community.

The district, along with Waterville resident and volunteer Terri Massucci, is hosting the AW Generals Hide & Seek, a Family Week challenge in which 3D-printed Generals mascots will be hidden throughout the community for students to find.

“I love hiding stuff. I love getting kids outside and off this thing,” said Massucci, pointing to her phone.  

Rebecca Schwan, communications specialist for the district, agreed, noting that Family Week, which is Sunday, June 30 through Sunday, July 7, is a time when all school activities – including athletic practices, open gyms, clubs and summer school programs – are shut down.

“We want to give families a break, so they can go on vacation or take time off without worrying about missing anything here,” Schwan said. “It’s a mid-summer pause on everything.”

By Sunday, June 30, Massucci and her granddaughter, 2023 AW graduate Katey Frey, will have hidden all of the plastic mascots in the Monclova, Waterville and Whitehouse communities, in public places like parks, trails and anywhere a kid can be active.

Each General will be in a plastic bag with instructions: Paint it and send a photo, along with the location of where it was found, to or share it on X (formerly Twitter) and tag @awgenerals. The photos will also be shared on the Meanwhile in Waterville Ohio and Whitehouse Ohio Community Discussion Facebook pages.

This isn’t the first scavenger hunt organized by Massucci, who founded the Meanwhile page to engage Waterville residents in all the community has to offer. She’s hidden frisbees, balls, Easter eggs and clues to finding a life-sized cutout of Taylor Swift, but it’s the first time she’s teamed up with the school district. 

After asking online for someone who could help her print a 3D version of the General, she was linked up with Schwan, who asked Bryan DeKay – who teaches high school art, including computer graphics – if he had a student who could tackle the project. 

While DeKay had a student who did a 3D model of the AW logo last year, the experienced art teacher knew coming up with a model of the General would be a challenge.

“I wanted to dig into the new, updated Blender, so I started building it myself,” said DeKay, describing the 3D computer graphics software tool used for creating everything from animated films and visual effects to 3D-printed models. 

Referring to a cell phone photo of someone wearing the mascot costume, DeKay invested eight hours of his own time doing the design. The printing of the 24 mascots took about 50 hours, plus another 12 hours of cleanup, using a heat gun to melt off the marks from supports and strings of plastic filament from the printing process. (See page 3.)

“This is totally original, based on the mascot the school owns,” he said. “With only 24, it’s a limited edition.”

That means that 24 lucky scavengers will have quite the prize when they find the Generals, Massucci said.

The team members are looking forward to seeing how the winners customize their Generals, which can be painted with acrylic paint or bottle enamel. 

While the General is the Anthony Wayne mascot, the scavenger hunt is open to anyone, of any age, who lives in the community. So get out for a bike ride, walk, run or time on the playground and get searching.

This 3D-printed plastic General is one of 24 that are being hidden around public spaces in Monclova Township, Waterville and White-house as part of the AW Generals Hide & Seek – a scavenger hunt held in conjunction with no school activities during the week of Sunday, June 30 through Sunday, July 7.

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