Fundraiser Started After Tragic Car Accident Kills Young Boy’s Parents

Savannah Harding (left) and Jacob Hahn were killed in a car accident on December 9. They are survived by their young son, Beckett Hahn (center). Staff members at Dino’s Family Restaurant in Maumee are raising funds for Beckett, which can be dropped off at any GenoaBank location. PHOTO COURTESY OF DEAN YAKUMITHIS

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — Customers and staff at Dino’s Family Restaurant in Maumee are raising funds after one of their own suffered a tragedy.

One of their staff members, Tiffany McMillin, lost her daughter and her daughter’s fiancé, in a car accident on December 9.

According to owner Dean Yakumithis, the restaurant created an account through GenoaBank to collect funds for McMillin’s grandchild, the couple’s only son.

McMillin’s daughter, Savannah Harding, and her daughter’s fiancé, Jacob Hahn, both of Woodville, were involved in an accident at the Lemoyne Road overpass at Fremont Pike.

Their vehicle was heading westbound when it was struck in the rear by another vehicle. Their vehicle then crossed into the eastbound lane and was struck again.

Harding and Hahn were pronounced dead at the scene.

They leave behind their young son, Beckett Hahn.

“We cannot take that pain away, but we can show the family they are not alone,” Yakumithis said.

After hearing the news, the staff at Dino’s wanted to rally behind the family, providing support in whatever way they could, and so did the customers.

Together, they are collecting monetary donations, which can be dropped off at Dino’s or any GenoaBank location, for McMillin to provide financial support for her grandchild and the rest of the family.

“All of the money is going to her to decide what to do with it, whether it’s funeral services or baby necessities, but if I know Tiffany, I think she’s just going to make sure that baby is well taken care of,” Yakumithis said.

After working together for many years, the restaurant staff members consider themselves a family, he added, so when tragedy strikes one of them, the rest come together to provide support.

Yakumithis said he knows that McMillin and her family, along with Hahn’s family, will have that in abundance.

“When we close our eyes, we leave everything behind. All of our money and possessions don’t matter,” Yakumithis said. “The one thing that does matter is how you touched other people and what you did with your life. We’re going to make sure this baby boy knows how much they loved him.”

It is because of McMillin’s attitude with the rest of the staff and her customers, along with the stories she has shared of her family, that they know just how loved and respected the family is.

In order to provide support for the couple’s young son and the rest of the family, all donations can be dropped off at any GenoaBank location for Beckett Hahn’s account. Donations can also be dropped off at Dino’s Family Restaurant at 129 Golden Gate Plaza in Maumee.

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