Fitness Instructor Obtains Fascial Stretch Therapy Level-3 Certification

Driven Fitness Studio is located at 3421 Briarfield Blvd. in Maumee. MIRROR PHOTOS BY MIKE McCARTHY
Jodi Walters, owner of Driven Fitness Studio, recently obtained her Fascial Stretch Therapy Level-3 certification. The therapy focuses on the connective tissue system to enhance flexibility, relieve pain and support overall improved mobility.

BY NANCY GAGNET | MIRROR REPORTER — Fascial stretch therapy has become a recent buzzword phrase in the fitness industry – for good reason.

Jodi Walters, the owner of Driven Fitness Studio, which is marking eight years in Maumee, recently received her Fascial Stretch Therapy Level-3 certification. Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is a relatively new type of fitness modality that focuses on the fascia, which is the body’s connective tissue system. With this type of therapy, people of all ages can greatly reduce or eliminate pain, decrease stress, improve sleep, improve mobility, enhance flexibility and promote athletic performance, Walters said.

“The benefits of this are becoming more and more obvious. This therapy changes lives,” she said. 

The fascia surrounds each muscle and connects it to tendons, ligaments and bone to form one large, functional network. It also penetrates through and wraps around nerves and organs, communicating faster than the nervous system. Focusing on the connective tissue system can lead to greater benefits in flexibility and overall wellness no matter what level mobility or age a person may be, Walters said.

“Fascial stretch therapy is a physically healing technique, and the therapy is customized to address individual concerns,” she added. 

Walters received her FST Level-3 practitioner training from Stretch to Win Institute in Arizona, which is accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also received additional sports-specific training that allows her to work with professional athletes since many teams are adding FST practitioners to their staffs. While athletes benefit from it, the therapy supports all types of demographic groups.

“FST is good for everybody – I work with athletes, weekend warriors, the elderly and people who are rehabbing injuries,” she said.

Driven Fitness Studio is a fully equipped Pilates studio that offers a variety of services. In addition to fascial stretch therapy, the studio offers personal training, barre, TRX, spin and PiYo classes, strength training and Kangoo Jumps. 

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Driven Fitness Studio is located at 3421 Briarfield Blvd. in Maumee. For information, please call (419) 482-4847 or visit us online at:

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