DEWESoft Breaks Ground On Whitehouse Expansion

The DEWESoft North America headquarters will feature the logo colors of carbon gray and orange. The 32,000-foot facility should be finished in 2023. RENDERING COURTESY OF POGGEMEYER DESIGN GROUP
Breaking ground on the new DEWESoft North America headquarters are (from left), Nick Hogrefe, Spieker Co.; Fritz Roberson and Sonny Hamizadeh, Poggemeyer Design Group; Andrew Nowicki, Christie Nowicki and Nick Stone, DEWESoft; Whitehouse administrator Jordan Daugherty and village council member Bob Keogh. MIRROR PHOTO BY KAREN GERHARDINGER

BY KAREN GERHARDINGER | MIRROR REPORTER — When finished next year, the two-story orange and gray building will undoubtedly be the most modern building in Whitehouse.

DEWESoft, the North American branch of a worldwide data acquisition company, held a groundbreaking ceremony on August 17 to more than triple its headquarters at 10730 Logan St.

“Let the digging begin!” DEWESoft president and CEO Andrew Nowicki announced.

With help from employees, Spieker Construction, Poggemeyer Design Group and Whitehouse representatives, the first shovels full of dirt were turned. It was a momentous occasion for Andrew and his wife Christie, DEWESoft’s chief marketing officer. The Anthony Wayne graduates started the company 10 years ago in a 150-square foot room above their garage.

“We had some customers who were concerned that we were working out of a garage,” Andrew said. “Then we moved into a room in the barn – that was about 800 square feet – before moving here.”

The Nowickis bought the 12,000-square-foot manufacturing building in 2016 and have filled it with employees as the company has grown. The Nowickis credit the employees’ dedication for the success of the business.

“Whitehouse isn’t huge, but it’s home. It’s where we set down,” Andrew said. “We’re really building DEWESoft North America to keep it growing.”

For Fritz Roberson, senior architect and project manager at Poggemeyer, the new DEWESoft building reflects the fun, high-tech atmosphere of the building. 

“For Whitehouse, it’s unique. It’s tucked back in an industrial area. It’s far enough removed from the historical downtown that it doesn’t clash,” he said. “It’s a nice thing to do a building that is very forward-looking and modern in colors and materials.

Once Spieker has confirmation that the steel beams are en route, the foundation will be dug – hopefully in October. The steel frame will then be covered with 3-inch thick, insulated metal panels that are prefinished in DEWESoft’s logo colors of carbon gray and orange. The colors will stay vibrant and bright for decades to come.

“The panels will be screwed on to the outside to studs and fit tongue-and-groove like a floor, hiding the screws and whisking water away,” Roberson said. “It’s a really neat system, and the advantage is not just the insulation quality, but the contractor can enclose the building quickly and work inside on the walls, partitions and mechanics.”

The front section will include a two-story office and third-floor penthouse with a rooftop patio. Once finished, the existing, one-story building will be stripped down to the framing and finished to match the front. The final building will come in at 32,000 square feet.

“After 10 years, we’re expanding this. It’s been an amazing trip,” Andrew said.

To watch the progress of the building, look for DEWESoft North America on Facebook.

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