City Of Maumee Devising Multi-Year Master Plan

As part of the Maumee Momentum initiative, residents address representatives at a pop-up event, explaining their favorite parts of the city and what areas have the opportunity for growth. Those who could not attend the pop-ups are encouraged to take the survey and participate in the map activity online at The results will help create the Maumee Master Plan. PHOTO COURTESY OF CITY OF MAUMEE

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — The city of Maumee is currently devising a master plan to aid in decision-making and communication for the city over the next five to 10 years as it looks to future growth and development.

It is a large-scale effort for the city administration that requires direction from Yard & Co., along with assistance from Beckett and Raeder, DGL and Fourth Economy. Input from residents, community stakeholders and local businesses is also invaluable to the planning process.

In order to gather information from those individuals, several meetings have been scheduled with various community stakeholders, with events including pop-ups.

“The pop-ups were designed by Yard & Co., the organization tasked with completing the master plan. The purpose was to discuss the Maumee Master Plan with members of the community and engage community members to participate in an introductory survey and map activity,” said Maumee public information officer Nancy Gagnet.

Pop-ups were held in June at the library, Brew House, Levi & Lilac’s Coffee Pub, Penguin Palace and the community cookout on June 22.

The survey and map activity are also available at

The survey asks residents what they love about Maumee, what they’d like to see change and what they hope stays the same. The survey also seeks the best method in which to remain in communication with the public.

The map activity allows residents to mark locations around the town they love, where they spend free time, areas they find comfortable or uncomfortable as well as exploring areas with opportunity for growth.

Comments can also be left with markers as a form of additional feedback.

The information is still being gathered via the survey and map activity, which is expected to close on Friday, July 19, so the city is encouraging responses as soon as possible.

The Master Plan Action Committee is also still actively seeking information from community stakeholders, along with Yard & Co.

One of the meetings hosted by Yard & Co. on May 22 involved members of the Maumee Uptown Business Association.

During the meeting, Joe Nickol of Yard & Co. asked questions of the participants to note their responses and aid in the master plan.

According to MUBA president Alex Schrinel, the meeting was an opportunity for business owners and members to have their voices heard and actively participate in the dialogue.

“I think this is extremely important that the city involve not just MUBA, but other community organizations in these discussions,” Schrinel said. “There are a lot of great ideas out there and without opportunities for discussions like this, there is no way to get those ideas out there.”

The process, he said, allows Yard & Co. and other consultants to combine their expertise in the field with community members’ expertise of the area to create a plan that will benefit as many people as possible.

During the meeting, Nickol asked members about what Maumee, and its local organizations, does well and what could be improved.

MUBA members also explained what they felt the master plan could do to better serve existing residents and businesses, in addition to offering other insight.

With multiple meetings and pop-ups, the master plan process will slowly take place over the next few months.

During the Maumee Summer Fair on Friday, August 9 and Saturday, August 10, representing firm Yard & Co. will be available to residents to share updates from the process and collect further feedback, Gagnet said.

Then, a presentation will be held for the Maumee Municipal Planning Commission, which will help solidify the master plan.

The end goal is to create something that city administration, residents and other community stakeholders can reference when looking toward the future of Maumee. More information on upcoming events, along with the survey and map activity can be found online at and

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