Carpet Spectrum Opens New Store On Conant Street In Maumee

Carpet Spectrum owner David Joseph cuts the ribbon in front of his business at 1374 Conant St. in Maumee. The business was supported by friends and family of Joseph and Maumee city officials during the July 18 event.

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — It was 20 years in the making, but on June 19, David Joseph moved his business, Carpet Spectrum, into the building at 1374 Conant St. in Maumee.

Having been in the flooring industry for many years, Joseph said he has a passion for meeting new customers and helping residents along the way to create their dream home. At Carpet Spectrum, he’s been able to do that for several decades now.

“A friend of mine invited me in (to the industry) 30 years ago. They were looking for a commercial salesperson,” Joseph said.

He had experience in sales and then quickly found himself working for several different carpet and flooring companies before his friend presented an opportunity to him.

“A friend of mine owned Carpet Spectrum and he wanted to get out of the business, so 20 years ago, we bought him out,” Joseph added.

At that time, the company was exploring options for other locations for the business. Joseph realized a particular building on Conant Street was just what he wanted in the ideal location.

The timing and cost, however, were not on his side, so the business was housed elsewhere for two decades.

“We had to put it on the back burner, so when I read Scott (of Dr. Scott’s Pinball) was going out of business, I said, ‘I’m tired of paying rent, so I think it’s fate,’” Joseph said.

He closed on the building in March and refreshed the space to fit the needs of Carpet Spectrum with new floors, paint and an updated office space, before opening on June 19.

It was a full-circle moment to finally be in the building he had sought out years ago, Joseph said. To celebrate the new location, the business held a ribbon-cutting with the Maumee Chamber of Commerce and several city officials on July 18.

Maumee Mayor Rich Carr congratulated the company on the Conant Street location and said it is among several businesses who are relocating to the area.

“This is going to be a great location for you, and we wish you all the success in the world,” Carr said.

The support of everyone was important to Joseph, too.

“I am really excited about everyone who came out, and we’re very happy to be in Maumee,” Joseph said.

He credited the local customer base for the successful continuation of his business. Having come to Toledo for college, Joseph said he was always intrigued by the culture of the area and how friendly everyone is.

“The culture here is very laid back, very Midwestern. I love when you meet with people, like customers, they become your friends,” he said.

Creating situations that  allow his customers to feel welcomed and not pressured is also important to him, Joseph added.

Being a local business, he knows people will compare his shop to larger box stores, but he’s hoping customers know that the Carpet Spectrum employees care about the customers’ needs.

“We try very hard to not be high-pressure, to get to know the people who come into our store, and they become friends,” Joseph said.

The employees, he added, work closely with their customers throughout the whole process, too.

“The thing you get from us is personalized service. Typically, when you walk in the door, the person who waits on you is going to be the person who’s going to measure, who’s going to get the order in. You’re going to deal with one person,” Joseph said. “You’re not going to get ‘Oh, you have to talk with this person.’ We don’t do that. We give personalized service.”

Joseph is aware his employees are part of the reason his business has been able to succeed over the years, and the work they do is vital to the company.

“I might be the owner, but I’m probably the lowest on the totem pole. I can’t do the things that I want to do without everybody who’s here,” Joseph said of the most important lesson he’s learned as a business owner.

Being a business owner has also taught him how to succeed, which involves a lot of communication and understanding.

When he started out, he quickly became aware that each person needs different things from him as an owner and no employee is going to have the same motivating factors, personalities or work techniques.

“I have to sometimes step back and think, ‘OK, how do I talk to this person?’ I have to treat my employees like my customers. I have to stop and listen to them,” Joseph said.

By helping his customers and employees, he has been able to create the business and life he wants for himself, Joseph added.

He’s been able to find a job he feels passionate about and help others create a home they feel passionate about, which is what matters to him in this industry.

“I still love to get up every day and go to work. If I ever lose that passion, I’ll get out of the business, but I love what I do,” Joseph said.

Carpet Spectrum is now located at 1374 Conant St. in Maumee. Customers can also find the business at or by calling (419) 389-5599.

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