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Updated: August 28, 2020

Toledo Zoo Offers Monarch Sponsor Program 

Each year, tens of thousands of monarch butterflies make their annual voyage from northern breeding grounds in the Midwest to over-wintering sites high in the forests of Michoacán, Mexico.

As a part of Toledo Zoo’s ongoing conservation work, last year the zoo reared more than 900 monarch butterflies for release on the yearly migration, for an approximate total of 4,000 since the program began. This year’s monarchs are beginning to emerge and will soon be ready for release.

Each butterfly receives a unique and painless tag to identify individuals and allow the zoo to receive data if the animal is spotted on the 3,000-plus-mile journey. To date, over 40 tags have been recovered and documented from the zoo’s releases.

Be a part of this epic journey by sponsoring a monarch, beginning at $10.00, by visiting prior to Wednesday, September 30. If your butterfly is spotted on its journey, the zoo will contact you. 

If you’d like to send us calendar information, use our Contact page. Photos can also be attached. Or send email directly to: