BrightView Marks Five Years In Maumee Offering Outpatient Addiction Recovery

BrightView staff in Maumee (from left) community outreach manager Chelsae King, operations director Kim Robinson, Maggie Naseem and nurse practitioner Nadine Amato help Lucas County residents on their journey to maintain a sober life. MIRROR PHOTO BY KRISTI FISH

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — BrightView Health Addiction Treatment Center in Maumee celebrated five years at its current location with food, activities and a behind-the-scenes look at the services.

The organization, which began in Cincinnati in 2015, has expanded to serve residents across Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona and North Carolina. The Maumee location services patients throughout Lucas County.

“We were started by an ER doctor who noticed he was seeing lots of people coming in needing services for substance use disorder,” said community outreach manager Chelsae King.

As the organization expanded to meet the needs of patients across the region, the staff watched the number of patients grow year after year.

Over the last five years, BrightView in Maumee has logged 25,914 hours of medical treatment and 25,857 hours of counseling and therapy to help 1,984 residents in the Lucas County area.

“We want our patients to see the medical provider and have behavioral health services while they’re here on-site … we find that most success stories are with the patients who do utilize all those services,” explained operations director Kim Robinson.

As an outpatient facility that uses medication-assisted treatment along with individual and group counseling, each part is important in helping someone transition to a sober life, King said.

“We are an outpatient facility, so we are giving people the opportunity to maintain their day-to-day life as well as venture into recovery,” King added. “That’s definitely something that sets us apart. Our goal is not only to serve people that are struggling with substance use disorder, but also to treat them as a person and make it a humanized approach.”

BrightView is also a walk-in, emergency detox facility, which allows people to come when they are ready, she said. It’s important that a patient is ready before they come, as walking through the front door is often the hardest part in the process.

Once through the front door, patients meet with several BrightView professionals to help them along their journeys.

“The most important feedback I hear on a regular basis is that we care. We treat each individual like they’re a human and not just a stigma,” King said.

Reminding the community and the people who utilize BrightView’s services that addiction should not be stigmatized is important.

Addiction, King emphasized, is a disease and not something someone could ever choose to have. It has a complex mix of causes, and people can become addicted to illicit or prescribed drugs.

“It is something that is chronic, progressive and potentially fatal,” King said. “It’s a medical diagnosis that somebody is going to get.”

Watching patients move along in their journeys and celebrating big and small wins along the way is important, Robinson said, and seeing each new difference is her favorite part of the job.

“What makes us unique is we are a harm-reduction facility, and I like that. As humans, we mess up. We relapse. Those things happen. In my opinion, that’s when patients need help the most,” Robinson said. “I am happy to help them with that.”

Community partners are also important to the services BrightView provides, King noted, helping to make sure patients have what they need from their community to lead a sober life.

“If anybody is looking for treatment services, they can call our phone number at (833) 510-HELP (4357) and then they are free to visit our website as well,,” King said.

BrightView Health Ad-diction Treatment Center of Maumee is located at 1655 Holland Rd., Ste. F. Walk-in hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday. 

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