Athletico Physical Therapy Opens Doors In Maumee

Athletico staff and Maumee Chamber of Commerce members celebrate the opening of the new Athletico location at 1651 Toll Gate Dr. in Maumee. MIRROR PHOTOS BY KRISTI FISH
When patients first step into the facility, they’ll see a wall of warmup and aerobic equipment including a treadmill, stationary bike and upper-body ergometer.
At Athletico’s Maumee location, clinic manager and physical therapist Sydney Hooks is a functional golf specialist. She is able to analyze someone’s swing and identify range of motion, strength and balance deficits to see what could be improved upon and changed.

BY KRISTI FISH | MIRROR REPORTER — Serving athletes, workers and those who want to prevent injury, Athletico Physical Therapy provides care for people all around the country and now has a new clinic in Maumee.

After opening in July, the Maumee location at 1651 Toll Gate Dr. hosted a ribbon-cutting with the Maumee Chamber of Commerce on October 19 to provide local businesses the chance to look around the facility.

“Athletico Physical Therapy has about 1,000 clinics nationwide, and this is the third of the Toledo area,” said Sydney Hooks, the clinic manager and physical therapist in Maumee.

The clinic houses several training machines, including a treadmill, stationary bike, upper body ergometer, a leg press, pulleys, balance equipment and more. The location also has an area dedicated to workers’ compensation patients and getting them back to their jobs. Hooks works with each patient to determine their needs and can help workers practice lifting or working with fine-motor items like screws and more.

“I also offer instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. I do cupping, Kinesio-taping, dry needling,” Hooks said.

Hooks has a certificate in dry needling and is also a functional golf specialist who will look at someone’s golf swing to identify range of motion, strength and balance deficits to see what could be improved upon and changed.

It’s important to Hooks that she provides her patients with various therapies and techniques to help patients with sports medicine, back and spine rehab, workers’ comp injuries, post-op care and more. Each patient is also seen by Hooks throughout their entire treatment.

“A few of the things that Athletico does really well, especially at my clinic, is we offer one-on-one treatment. When you come in and see the therapist, I’m the only therapist you see your whole length of treatment,” Hooks said. “I also see patients typically for at least an hour, so a lot of time I’ll have people come in and we’ll do some exercises, and then I almost always do some kind of hands-on treatment.”

Hooks said her clinic also typically sees patients within 24 to 48 hours of them calling the facility or receiving the prescription from their doctor.

Athletico does not need prescriptions from doctors for most major insurances to see the patients, however. 

The clinic also offers 30-minute free assessments with Hooks to discuss options and see if patients can benefit from therapy and what kind of treatment they would need.

Most major insurances, except government insurances, typically allow the free assessments and the direct-access care, Hooks said.

Providing important care to her patients and developing ties to the community has been important to Hooks, who credited Athletico marketing development manager Timm Meyers and regional director for the Toledo and Dayton markets Justin Lodge with helping her become established at this location.

Meyers said he is happy with all of the care this location will provide Maumee residents and he thanked the current patients for choosing Athletico. He said the company enjoys working with local businesses to keep workers healthy. 

“I am just so excited to be in this community and so excited to be a part of everything,” Hooks said.

Athletico Physical Therapy can be found at 1651 Toll Gate Dr. in Maumee and by phone at (567) 402-0222. More information about Athletico can also be found at

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