Alyssa Delffs Adds To Successful Maumee Gymnastics Season By Placing 23rd At State Meet

Maumee’s gymnastics team finished ahead of 46 different opponents this year. The Panthers squad included (from left) back row, Skyler Montaine, Lilly Daughton, Haley McNutt, Danielle Bartek and Macy Kreiner; and front row, Alyssa Delffs, Cassie Durham and Kylie Miller. MIRROR PHOTOS BY SEAN WALKER
Panthers senior Alyssa Delffs soars above the balance beam during the NLL gymnastics championships on February 9. Delffs took seventh in the event, ended up as the league’s all-around runner-up, placed fifth at districts and ended up 23rd at the state meet.

BY ANDY ROWER | MIRROR SPORTS — Maumee senior Alyssa Delffs wrapped up a storied high school gymnastics career by placing 23rd at the state championships last weekend.

Delffs’ all-around score of 35.175 came as she placed 21st on the uneven parallel bars (8.725), 24th on the vault (8.875) and 27th on the floor exercise (8.9).

She also scored a 8.675 on the balance beam.

Perrysburg’s Caitlin Mad-igan (16th) and Springfield’s Olivia Holley (33rd) joined Delffs by placing in the state’s top 35 this year and Anthony Wayne’s Hannah Chen and Perrysburg’s Karrington Soble also placed in the top 33 on the bars and beam, respectively.

District Meet

Delffs qualified a week earlier by placing fifth at the district tournament with an all-around score of 34.6.

She won the day’s bars competition (9.125) and placed third on the floor (9.050), fourth on the vault (8.7) and 35th on the beam (7.725).

Fellow senior Haley McNutt next finished 26th with an all-around score of 31.6.

McNutt placed 20th on the bars (7.7) and 22nd on the beam (8.275) and followed that up by taking 40th and 51st on the vault (7.825) and floor (7.8), respectively.

Freshman Cassie Durham also finished in the upper half of the 98-gymnast field by placing 39th with an all-around score of 30.425.

Durham was 25th on the beam (8.175) and 33rd on the vault (7.9) before taking 40th on the bars (7.125) and 67th on the floor (7.225).

Sophomore Kylie Miller also competed in all four events for Maumee and ended up 52nd with an all-around score of 28.025.

Miller placed 52nd on the floor (7.8), 59th on the bars (6.150), 63rd on the vault (7.575) and 66th on the beam (6.5).

Sophomore Macy Kreiner totaled 22.85 points after finishing 44th on the floor (8.1), 49th on the vault (7.75) and 54th on the beam (7.0) and junior Danielle Bartek posted 18.275 points after taking 70th on the vault (7.325), 74th on the bars (5.1) and 80th on the floor (5.85).

Senior Lilly Daughton tacked on 5.1 more Panthers points by placing 76th on the beam.

Sophomore individual champion Caitlin Madigan led Perrysburg to a first-place team finish with 135.825 points.

Liberty Center (133.25), Holgate (131.325), Patrick Henry (130.475), Springfield (127.525) and Notre Dame (127.35) also finished above Maumee.

The Panthers’ 126.2 points did allow them to place ahead of St. Ursula, Whitmer, Napoleon, Northview, Anthony Wayne, Defiance, Findlay, Rossford, Clay, Southview, McComb, Tinora and Toledo Christian.

NLL Meet

Maumee placed third at the Northern Lakes League tournament on February 9.

Delffs led the Panthers by earning first-team league honors with a second-place all-around score of 35.

She won the day’s floor competition (9.175), placed second on both the bars (8.75) and the vault (8.7) and took seventh on the beam (8.375).

McNutt took 10th with an all-around total of 32.05. She placed eighth on the bars (7.875) and joined Durham by earning second-team honors.

Durham’s best finish came when she placed fifth on the beam (8.5).

Kreiner earned third-team honors after finishing eighth on the vault (8.0) and 10th on the beam (8.175).

Perrysburg took the top spot in the team standings with 138.925 points and Springfield edged Maumee out of second place, 129.45-128.025.

The Panthers ended up topping Napoleon (110.475), Northview (100.325), Anthony Wayne (62.6) and Southview (48.05).

Win The Day Invite

Maumee began February by placing third in a 16-team field at the Win the Day Invitational.

Delffs placed sixth out of 37 gymnasts with an all-around score of 34.75.

She placed third and fourth on the beam (9.0) and floor (9.25), followed that up with a ninth-place finish on the vault (8.6) and took 14th on the bars (7.9).

McNutt next placed 11th with an all-around mark of 33.1. Her best finish came when she took seventh on the beam (8.7). She added 19th-place finishes on both the bars (7.55) and floor (8.75) and capped things off by taking 20th on the vault (8.1).

Durham placed 21st with 31 all-around points after finishing 25th on the beam (7.8), 27th on both the bars (6.9) and vault (8.05) and rounded things out by taking 37th on the floor (8.25).

Miller placed 32nd with 29.05 points after finishing 31st on the floor (8.45), 37th on the beam (7.0), 40th on the vault (7.8) and 43rd on the bars (5.8).

Kreiner placed 34th with 28 points after finishing 22nd on the beam (7.9), 31st on the vault (8.0), 33rd on the floor (8.4) and 52nd on the bars (3.7)

Bartek placed 37th with 25.75 points after taking 45th on the bars (5.5), 47th on the vault (7.6), 49th on the beam (6.1) and 54th on the floor (6.55).

Only Hudson (143.15) and Beavercreek (130.95) finished ahead of the Panthers’ 129.15 points.

Maumee ended up bettering Anderson Orange, Turpin, Oak Hills, St. Ursula, Lakota East, Anderson Black, Twinsburg, Alter, Walnut Hills, Clermont Northeastern, Badin, Batavia and Blanchester.

Panther Invitational

The Panthers finished seventh in a 17-team field at Whitmer’s Panther Invita-tional on January 26.

Delffs led Maumee with a fifth-place all-around score of 34.75.

She won the day’s bars competition (9.25), placed fifth on the beam (8.9) and eighth on the floor (8.8) before tacking on a 15th-place score of 7.8 on the vault.

McNutt followed up with a 17th-place total of 32.175.

She placed 18th in both the bars (8.1) and the beam (8.2), finished 25th on the vault (7.65) and took 26th on the floor (8.225).

Durham also finished in the upper half of the 70 competing gymnasts by placing 25th at 31.4.

Her best finish came when she took 22nd on the bars (7.85). She next placed 27th on the beam (7.975), 30th on the vault (7.55) and 34th on floor (8.025).

Miller placed 42nd with 28.075 points after finishing 45th on the vault (7.25), 46th on the beam (7.2), 47th on the floor (7.425) and 50th on the bars (6.2).

Kreiner placed 47th with 27.4 points after finishing 38th on the floor (7.925), 43rd on the vault (7.35), 48th on the beam (7.125) and 57th on bars (5.0).

Bartek closed things out for the Panthers by placing 50th with 26.3 points.

She finished 51st on the vault (7.0), 54th on both the beam (5.55) and the floor (6.75) and took 55th on the bars (5.55).

Liberty Center (136.725), AW (132.125), Holgate (131.4), Notre Dame (128.925), St. Ursula (128.475) and Patrick Henry all managed to finish ahead of Maumee (127).

The Panthers ended up bettering Northview, Napoleon, Rossford, Whitmer, Defiance, Tinora, Southview, Clay, Findlay and McComb.

Maumee senior Lilly Daughton competes on the uneven bars during the St. Ursula Invitational on January 18. Daughton ended up placing 17th in the event while helping the Panthers to a first-place finish.

St. Ursula Invitational

Maumee’s first tournament win came at the St. Ursula Invitational on January 18.

Delffs took top individual honors with an all-around total of 34.55 after placing first on the bars (8.8), on the beam (8.7) and on the floor (9.1) and taking fourth on the vault (7.95).

McNutt followed with a third-place total of 32.35 after finishing third on the beam (8.4), fourth on both the bars (7.7) and the floor (8.6) and 11th on the vault (7.65).

Durham also had a strong showing by placing sixth with 31.05 points.

She finished fifth on the beam (8.1) and sixth on the floor (8.0) and added ninth and 10th-place finishes on the bars (7.2) and vault (7.75).

Kreiner placed 10th with 28.8 points after finishing ninth on both the floor (7.8) and on the vault (7.8), 10th on the beam (7.4) and 19th on the bars (5.8).

Miller placed 13th with 27.65 points after finishing 13th on both the beam (7.1) and the floor (6.8), 14th on the bars (6.3) and 15th on the vault (7.45).

Daughton placed 19th with 13.2 points after finishing 17th on both the bars (6.2) and the vault (7.0) and Bartek placed 20th with 13.1 points after finishing 17th on both the beam (6.8) and the floor (6.3).

The Panthers’ 127.25 team points allowed them to place ahead of St. Ursula (125.55), Napoleon (115.95) and Rossford (62.15).

Panthers senior Haley McNutt springs off of her hands while competing in the floor exercise during the Maumee Invitational on December 7. McNutt ended up placing fifth in the event and fourth in the all-around.

Maumee Invitational

Maumee opened its season by winning its own invitational back on December 7.

Delffs kicked things off on a positive note by winning the all-around with 35.5 points.

She placed first on both the bars (8.9) and the beam (9.15) and second in the floor (9.15) and the vault (8.3).

McNutt next finished fourth with 32.15 points after taking third on the bars (7.9), fifth on both the floor (8.5) and the vault (8.1) and eighth on the beam (7.65).

Durham then placed sixth with 30.05 points after finishing fourth on the vault (8.15), fifth on the bars (6.95), seventh on the beam (7.8) and 10th on the floor (7.15).

Miller took eighth with 28.95 points after taking fifth on the beam (7.95), seventh on both the bars (6.4) and the floor (7.45) and 12th on the vault (7.15).

Kreiner shadowed Miller with a ninth-place score of 28.3 after finishing sixth on the beam (7.95), eighth on both the floor (7.4) and the vault (7.95) and 14th on the bars (5.0).

Dalton and Bartek each competed in two events.

Daughton took 10th on the bars (5.6) and 14th on the vault (7.0) and Bartek finished 11th on the beam (5.6) and 13th on the floor (6.65).

The Panthers’ 128 points allowed them to defeat AW (127.4), Northview (86.4) and Clay (47.5).

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