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Maumee Operating At A Deficit Despite Cost-Cutting Measures
To the Editor:
Many residents have asked how the city is doing with the loss of The Andersons’ corporate headquarters at the end of last year and the retail store in 2017.
The financial statements for our city for the first six months of this year are complete, and the answer as to how we are doing financially is important to our residents and business owners.
The first six months of this year, the city of Maumee operated at a deficit of $339,000. While we are well-insulated from such losses as we maintain healthy balances in our savings accounts, no city nor individual nor business can sustain deficit spending forever before you deplete your savings.
For the period of January 1 through June 30, 2017, all operations of the city of Maumee, excepting the Maumee Municipal Court, were completed at $37,000 less than the income received during that period. Those operations controlled by the administration and council resulted in a surplus.
However, for the first six months of this year, the Maumee Municipal Court’s deficit was $376,000. The mayor and council have no control over the court’s spending, which was confirmed when Judge Byers sued the mayor and council and was successful in obtaining an opinion that as we were not in a financial emergency, we had no power over the court’s spending.
I think it is a shame that we would have to wait until we are in an emergency to address the deficit spending of the court. The city of Maumee has made major reductions to spending and vastly improved managing our funds in the last four years, which has enabled us to operate our services at a surplus where before, the deficit was over a million dollars a year.
In addition to eliminating unnecessary contract expenses, we also have concentrated on managing overtime expense. For the first six months of this year, overtime was down over $22,000 from the same period last year and over $93,000 for the same period in 2015. We will have some major economic development announcements in the next month resulting from our efforts over the last 18 months, which will allow us to continue to improve financially.
Richard H. Carr
Maumee Mayor

Whitehouse Was The Right Choice For An Appreciative Couple
To the Editor:
Moving to Whitehouse was the best move we ever made. Aware of our disabilities, Whitehouse Police Chief Mark McDonough and Deputy Chief Todd Kitzler arranged to have the snow cleared from our driveway this winter. They also arranged for Boy Scout Troop 97 to come and weed our garden and lay the mulch around our house in May. Thanks to leaders Clif Vaughan and Mike Haines and their Scouts, Henry Haines, Jack Haines and Geordi Pizzifred, for their hard work. We have found Whitehouse and its caring people to give new meaning to the quote, “It Takes a Village.” Indeed it does.
Jan and Paul Rachow

Whitehouse, Waterville Quiet Despite Proposed Nexus Compressor Station
To the Editor:
It’s been quiet in Waterville and Whitehouse lately. Economic development has been good for homebuilders and the real estate industry in general. Soon, very soon, a decision will be made at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over the Nexus pipeline. The outcome could have devastating consequences to the general area if its permit is issued – giving a first industrial natural gas compressor station to Waterville. Anthony Wayne Superintendent Jim Fritz has publicly voiced his concerns of the toxic plume generated affecting five of the district’s six schools that are within a 3-mile radius downwind. Nexus representatives have told me of plans for a second pipeline (another compressor station) that would double emissions from the Moosman Drive compressor site. Just something to consider when looking to move to the growing area.
Paul Wohlfarth
Ottawa Lake, Mich.

First Responders Earn Deep Gratitude From Rescued Rollover Accident Driver
To the Editor:
I wish to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to the Maumee Fire Department, paramedics, police officers and everyone who helped rescue me from my vehicle after my rollover accident on West Broadway. It was the most terrifying thing that I have ever been through.
Words cannot express how thankful I am for providing me the most compassionate, kind and proficient emergency care. As soon as they arrived, I instantly felt protected and safe. They reassured me over and over, “You are going to be alright.” The firemen and police officers made me feel comfortable and calm as they explained step by step the process of cutting me out of the SUV. I was trapped for close to an hour and there was always someone right by my side while the other firefighters were sawing the roof off. I am so grateful to all of them for saving me.
My family and I thank the Maumee fire and police departments from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of me and the other driver.
Katie Hazard

American Legion Grateful For Donations
To the Editor:
The Feather Party hosted by members of American Legion Post 320 was a great success.
We appreciate all of the support for the event, especially from the following businesses that donated so generously to it: Brandywine Country Club, Appliance Center, The Andersons, Charlie’s Dodge, Tireman, D&R Outdoor Power Equipment, Jd’s Drive-Thru, Dale’s, The Village Idiot, Buster Brown’s Big Dog Lounge, The Cigar Affair, El Salto’s, Timbers Bowling, Marco’s Pizza, Expresso Car Wash, Loma Linda’s, Casa Barron, Mar’s Center Court, Holiday Inn, Subway, Brondes, Barry Bagels, Longhorn Saloon, Fricker’s, OmniSource, Frisch’s Big Boy, Teri Lynn Salon, Maumee Eagles, Amazing Dollar, Bunker Bar, 7-Eleven Walbridge and The Skillet.
American Legion Post 320