Updated November 29, 2018

History Springs To Life In EVAC Project
Visitors can step into the shoes of veterans from every branch of the military when American Frame hosts the Experiencing Veterans and Artists Collaborations (EVAC) Project.
Using storytelling and art, the EVAC Project bridges the gap between civilians and veterans by documenting, interpreting and preserving veterans’ stories. Participating veterans included service from World War II through the post- 9/11 period, and all five branches of the military. Veterans told their stories once, but the experience spreads through time and space because of EVAC’s exhibitions. Participating artists from across the country used a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching, seriography, relief, engraving, mezzotint and more.
EVAC curators interviewed veterans about their experiences, and artists made an edition of prints based on their interpretation of those stories. The prints are exhibited with excerpts from the interviews.
EVAC gives glimpses into real people’s lived experiences and creates an environment for a viewer that invites a genuine understanding and engagement. The process of storytelling and interpretation central to EVAC makes it a project uniquely positioned to promote empathy from multiple groups – the artist and viewer for the veteran’s experience, and the veteran for the artist’s realization of their stories.
American Frame is proud to host the EVAC Project through Friday, November 30.

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