Updated June 8, 2017

Wild Light Open At Secor Metropark Through August
The National Center for Nature Photography will host Rick Lieder’s Wild Light, 90-plus images of the diverse beauty of Midwest animals and nature, including his filmmaking for PBS Nova’s Creatures of Light, produced by National Geographic.
With minimal equipment and boundless vision and patience, Lieder shoots active portraits of finches and fireflies, fawns and swans, revealing the world of the creatures that live all around us, in our parks, ponds and backyards. The exhibit includes some of Lieder’s never before seen video, and more than a dozen paintings and illustrations.
Lieder’s work is featured in a series of stunning picture books – Step Gently Out, Sweep Up the Sun, Among A Thousand Firelflies and the just-released Wake Up! – with his co-author Helen Frost. He is working on a new book exploring the lives of Sandhill cranes.
Signed copies of the books will be available during BugFest, on Saturday, August 19 and Lieder will offer several workshops/presentations during the course of the exhibit, which runs through the end of August.

FLUX Celebrates Longevity Of Angelwood Gallery
Angelwood Gallery presents FLUX, celebrating its 24 years in business. The show runs until Sunday, June 18.
A lineup of talented artists will be featured, including gallery owner and potter Julie A. Beutler. She will feature over 100 new pots with a strong emphasis on functional/kitchenware as well as garden-inspired pottery. Her work will feature finishes from wood kiln as well oxidation and raku firings.
Other artists featured are mixed media artists Andrea Feller and Shannon Eis, who both work with found objects to create funky animal sculptures, jewelry and wall work. They use common household goods, pieces of wood, found objects and other interesting finds to make these cool sculptures and 2-D works.
Glass artists joining the show are: Lars Glass, Beth Ziss and Peg Briggs, featuring home and garden glass as well as jewelry.
Potters Brandon Knott, Joyce Donahue, Maggie Trzcinski, Rachel Burks and Scott Jones will be have an impressive collection of functional pottery as well as some sculpture.
Metal artists will include furniture, wrought-iron wall pieces and sculptures by Mike Leady of Southpaw Metal Studio; and silverware jewelry, kitchenware and garden pieces by Nadine Musser.
New acrylic paintings by Jenny King, featuring florals, vegetables and landscapes, and drawings by Jeanne Beutler with a new line of highly detailed and realistic portraits of classic movie and television stars as well as musicians will adorn the walls of the gallery.
Pen and pencil drawings highlighted by watercolors by artist Ali Drozdowicz will round out the 2-D artists.
Mary Mascazine will have her master marbled papermaking skills that she has turned into wearable art in her bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Kate Argow will offer her eclectic jewelry that features semiprecious stones, watch parts and antique pieces.
New fiber work by Susan Diehr and Carol Sargent, with wearables as well as eyeglass covers, iPad and phone cases, will be available. Sargent will also feature a new line of earrings using handmade glass beads from around the world.
A lovely selection of paper quilling by artist Natalie Johnson with her amazing eye for detail will also be highlighted.
The gallery is located at 24195 Front St., Grand Rapids. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (419) 832-0625 or visit www.angelwoodgallery.com.

Whitehouse To Host Shanna Richie Art Display
Local artist Shanna Richie is currently exhibiting her artwork at the Whitehouse Village Hall.
Richie attended Sylvania Schools and graduated in 2008. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of others and currently volunteers with Aspiring Hands Inc.
Several matted and framed photos are on display, along with paintings and necklaces that she has hand-woven into dreads. All items are for sale and will be available at the end of the display.
The exhibit will be available for viewing through Friday, June 30 during normal business hours.
Additional exhibits throughout the year will feature a variety of artists and styles.

Hudson Gallery Features Toledo Artist
Hudson Gallery, 5645 N. Main St., Sylvania, announces the opening of Evan St. Jasthane’s Astounding Sideshow, a solo exhibition of new paintings and prose by Toledo-based artist Steven J. Athanas, on view at the downtown Sylvania gallery through Friday, June 30. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with Hudson Gallery.

Prizm Displays Junior High Students Artwork
Prizm Creative Community continues its 2017 Education Series by highlighting the work of local professionals with area students.
Now on display are over 50 pieces of artwork by local junior high students at the Way Public Library Gallery in Perrysburg, located at 101 E. Indiana Ave.
The collection is the second annual collection created by sixth- through eigthth-graders from Maura Amato’s art classes at Perrysburg Junior High School.
The work will be available for viewing through Friday, June 30 in the downstairs gallery during normal business hours.
In addition to sharing the talents of local residents, part of the purpose behind this art exhibition is to promote community involvement among young artists and expose them to professional gallery experience.
Items on display include two-dimensional and three-dimensional art in such mediums as tempera, watercolor, digital art, ceramics and colored pencil. For more information, visit www.myprizm.com.

River Centre Announces June Artist Group Show
The River Centre Gallery welcomes Boston-based artist Robin Okun for a moving and provocative exhibit with illustrator and gallery director Dani Fuller.
This “Bare” June art show will run through Friday, July 7.
River Centre Gallery is owned by the River Center Foundation, a charitable organization associated with the River Centre Clinic. All three entities embrace the mission of raising awareness for eating disorders. For more information, visit www.rivercentregallery.com.

Imagination Station Features Dinosaurs Exhibit
Imagination Station announces the arrival of its newest temporary exhibition, Dinosaurs Around the World. The science center invites visitors of all ages to become globe-trotting explorers and discover the amazing diversity of prehistoric monsters during the age of the dinosaurs.
Visitors are invited to grab their prehistoric passports to Pangea and discover how plate tectonics, land bridges and volcanic activity allowed dinosaurs to appear in all corners of the globe, giving each of the seven continents its own unique selection of these giant reptiles.
During their 172 million-year reign, dinosaurs adapted into a variety of forms due to the conditions of the areas in which they lived. The exhibit features 13 large-scale animatronic dinosaurs from the seven continents.
In addition to the 13 animatronic dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Around the World also features information about the geologic time scale, geology, geography and climatology. Through hands-on activities and exhibits, the exhibition poses questions to visitors about the reign of the dinosaurs and helps them to discover how dinosaurs lived on each continent, how they interacted with each other, how geography impacted their behavior and diets and what the continents were really like at the time.
Dinosaurs Around the World is open for a limited engagement. Tickets are available to purchase at the science center and online at www.imaginationstationtoledo.org/Dinosaurs.

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